Formerly a Baccalaureate!

Since Friday, tens of thousands of young men and women are finally aware of the final result of their efforts. According to the Ministry of National Education, Preschool and Sports, 231,272 candidates enrolled in public and private education have passed the tests for the ordinary session of the standardized national exam for taking the 2022 baccalaureate.

Last but not least for high school students, getting the baccalaureate closes the cycle of secondary education thus opening the doors to higher education, the last step – and not the easiest – before employment and active professional life.

“The baccalaureate was introduced in Morocco to the French during the protectorate. Very few Moroccans have ever obtained this diploma every year, but the fact of passing the test is equally a great honor. Apart from making it possible to enroll in university cycles, the Bac even at the time opens up direct access to work, ”said Mly Ismaïl El Filali, Guidance Counselor of the Provincial Directorate of National Education in Marrakech. .

The evolution of the Moroccan Bac

After the independence of the Kingdom, the Moroccan education system underwent many reforms, most notably initiated by the late Dr. Benhima is based on four famous pillars: generalization, Arabization, unification and Moroccanization of education.

“I think the move that really opened a new page for the baccalaureate in Morocco dates from 1999, when the work of the Special Commission for Education and Training (COSEF) led to the adoption of National Education and Training Charter ”, explained Mly Ismaïl El Filali, emphasizing that this reform allows“ to diversify the education offer so that each student can find a course that suits his or her aspirations, and to prepare for a specialization that is gradually becoming clearer ”. This is how the Moroccan baccalaureate is divided into a two -year cycle with more branches in the first year and more branches in the last year. “There are now more than 35 different baccalaureate courses in Morocco”, specifies the same source.

A social elevator?

On Friday, the posting of baccalaureate results produced scenes that proved the importance that this test continues for high school students and their families. Between the tears and grief of those who failed and the joy of new graduates, the baccalaureate is a social event that has affected, sometimes deeply, lives and careers.

“Families know that only high school graduates with very good grades can choose to start university cycles that lead to professions that society considers equal to success”, believes Mr. El Filali, lamenting an incident of “doping” through overtime that many parents pay their children to prepare them for exams.

“The issue of getting good baccalaureate grades has a consequence that I consider negative, which is the over -focus of families in preparing for the exam. Unfortunately, we have reached students who are more prepared to face the exam than ready to face life ”, he lamented.

More luck and success

Despite what can sometimes seem like a real mess, Bac success rates, as well as the study prospects available to graduates, are much higher now than they were a few decades ago. .

“Let us not forget that the success rate during the 70s and 80s did not exceed 15% because the system at that time was more strict and selective. During this phase, there were no possibilities of receipt and there was only one examination session. Today, students are more likely to be successful in their course because the current system provides bridges and bridges between different cycles that bring multiple solutions to correct the situation or change courses unnecessarily. to be punished ”, the orientation counselor specified. Often, taking the Bac allows students to realize that what they have accomplished is only the first on a long list and that far from being “terminal”, the Bac is just an initial sesame at the start of the course. Congratulations to the new graduates and good luck in the future.

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