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Winning a contract is like winning a marriage proposal and saying “yes” in front of a civil registrar (except in freelancing, polygamy is allowed because you have the right to sign multiple people in the same chance). It won’t happen to you to suggest a complete stranger who catches your eye. However, you can mistake it for marketing. Skipping steps can ruin your chances of your ideal clients.

In love like business, you have to be seduced first before you end. After all, freelancers are still very much willing to sell their services from the first contact. One of their mistakes involves sending their prices, the link to their site or their brochure in an e-mail addressed to contacts who have never heard of them. Usually, the e-mail ends with the famous sentence: “If you are interested, do not hesitate. »

Of course, no one rushed to the door. And that’s normal. Salespeople are talking about B2B and B2C sales, and we almost forget the requirements. The business is based on H2H (Human to Human) relationships: it is a human-to-human bond created and consolidated in stages and over time. To understand this process called the sales cycle, there is nothing like drawing inspiration from romantic encounters.

Human relationships are created in a gentle way

You must be in love with someone. It can even be a serious relationship. If you remember correctly, you are taking the time to grow a simple interest in a quality connection. In total, eight stages can be identified.

#1. Presentation: talk to someone to start a dialogue.

#2. Seduction: showing your intention and knowing if it’s worth it.

#3. Romance: take time to get to know each other and deepen the relationship before making a serious commitment.

#4. Marriage proposal (or any other commitment): want to build something together in the future that includes common values ​​and purpose.

#5. Examining doubts: committing yourself to know if you are making the right choice.

#6. Compromises: essential to find a dynamic and balance that suits everyone.

#7. Commitment: in other words, we will say “yes” to the future together.

#8. Link maintenance: nothing to get. In order to maintain a good relationship over time, you need to continue to care for each other. Otherwise, we risk separation. So, even after gaining your partner’s trust, you should continue to invest energy in past stages, on a regular and cyclical basis. Cheap and loyalty for sale.

Get inspiration from rakes for successful sales

Every relationship is different: in some cultures, marriage happens very quickly. For others, it can take years to progress toward any commitment, either because there are fears or because you want to make good choices. In the same way, each of your sales will be different. You can sign from the first exchange (like the famous “love at first sight”). On the contrary, it can be multiple meetings, or even talking to multiple interlocutors before this step is validated!

The advantage of the similarity between sales and love life is that it’s ridiculous. Don’t count rejections (which we might call rakes) at heart: they happen even if you have a bottle and you’re an elite retailer.

By making your business efforts as a game, you can release the pressure. And, like building a couple, don’t despair: rejection doesn’t mean you can’t find your man. Your spouse is somewhere in this vast world. If you don’t stop searching, you’ll find the shoe that fits you!

Some profiles have no luck in love. They are toxic or desperate: no one wants them or the relationship is not very balanced. On the contrary, if you show yourself in your best light and can be attractive, the options are legion.

In business too, you have to have fun

You can tell me that love is not a market. It’s a very French scene, we’re romantic. But you have to look at our neighbors across the Atlantic to see the opposite. The “love coach” (seduction coach) activity is very popular, and these experts agree on the theory of the basics of a lasting and happy relationship.

The relationship is consensual: both parties enter into it because they fully agree to join the union.

The attraction is obvious: you have to like yourself. Without chemistry, we wouldn’t get much.

The couple wants to build a future together: have a common project supported by shared passions, common values ​​or consistent goals.

Both meet specific needs, but not all: otherwise, we enter into a dynamic trust.

Relationship balance: neither has more power or influence than one. Dominant/dominated relationships rarely lead to mutual fulfillment.

On the contrary, you will ruin your chances if your behavior is not good.

Lise Slimane
– Luis Villanueva


Lise Slimane is a trainer and entrepreneur specializing in freelance economics. He founded the training site “La Minute freelance”. This text is taken from his book “Everything to be freelance”, published in Caliopea, 400 pages, 39 euros.

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