Ashlee Malleo is bipolar, Jacqueline’s daughter has a psychotic breakdown

Jacqueline Laurita


Share her story. The Real Housewives of New Jersey alum Ashley Malleo diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

“You may not believe that I have many difficulties in my life, but I have. The last two years have been even harder for me. About a month ago I had a psychotic breakdown, ”said his daughter Jacqueline Laurita started on Monday, June 27 via Instagram. “I found myself in a position where I was afraid of myself and my own thoughts. And I chose to finally seek appropriate help. I also took a little break from social media. During this search process with help, I was diagnosed with Bipolar II.

Malleo said he “made a personal choice to start treatment right away” because “he’s tried everything up to the point.” He added that he had “refused for a long time” about his struggles.

“However, I was never properly educated on all other aspects of bipolarity. I am very used to hearing that bipolar is used as a negative adjective to describe a person, ”Malleo continued. “I’ve always thought it’s something that has to do with mood swings. It’s a lot more, and a lot of things in my life are starting to make sense. It’s really a comfort that in the end there are some things that explained.It allows me to learn more and take control again.I am not ashamed of my diagnosis.And I will not allow anyone to try to embarrass me.I also will not allow anyone to use my diagnosis as such. a goat to abuse me.

Ashley Malleo

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The former Bravo personality explained that he viewed “bipolar disorder as a gift of unique emotions,” writing, “It gave me the level of stamina I really needed to grow up. It made me able to withstand everything. obstacles that the Universe has thrown at me. I’m strong. It has helped me to be thoughtful, kind, adaptable – and it has definitely contributed to my good sense of humor in one way or another. “

Reality TV fans have been watching Laurita’s family for years RHONJincluding Malleo’s ups and downs with his mother and his feud Danielle Abog.

“It’s just a chapter in my life. I was curious and full of hope to see where I was in a year. Life is a journey full of flows. Keep on going. Be proud of yourself, ”Malleo concluded on Monday. “I think it’s important for us to talk about all of our individual experiences of living with bipolar (and other mental illnesses) so we can help completely eliminate the negative stigma surrounding mental illness.” 🧿✌🏼. ”

Laurita, who was a full-time housewife in Seasons 1-5 and Season 7, showed her support for her son in the comments section in the form of emojis: “🤗❤️💋❤️💋❤️.”

Ashlee Holmes and Jacqueline Laurita

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Years after their family in Bravo, Malleo became headlines for his divorce. Stone Hammer, with whom he was accompanied by his 5-year-old son, Cameron. He denied cheating on Ashlee in November 2021.

“Ashlee and I have been separated and separated since August and are now going through a divorce,” she said. We are every week at that time. “At this point, my focus is on our son and continue to show him unconditional love. As such, I will not make further comment in any media. I hope Ashlee and I can resolve our divorce in private. , not visible to the public, for our son.

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