Agora’s RTE platform powers French company Teemew’s enterprise metaverse solution

pair, July 4, 2022 / PRNewswire/ – Agora, Inc. (NASDAQ: API), a pioneer and leader in real-time engagement (RTE) API development, is leveraging the enterprise metaverse solution Teemew with its RTE platform, which enables low audio latency in live exchanges, important elements for an immersive metaverse experience. Based on pair, Teemew is a European virtual office and interactive events solution. The virtual presence solution makes it possible to organize events such as trade shows, seminars or even conferences, bringing together thousands of participants remotely, making everyone feel like they are with each other. .

Agora, the founder of Metaverse

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Agora’s award-winning real-time engagement platform bridges the gap between the virtual and physical worlds, providing a connection between two or more people, regardless of device. The company’s metaverse solutions provide businesses with the building blocks to create branded virtual worlds of any size, thus building the metaverse of tomorrow. Agora’s intelligent network monitors data routing in real time, delivering the best performance even in the most difficult network conditions.

With more than 1,000 employees worldwide, 80% of them engineers and technicians, Agora has the flexibility of a start-up, while benefiting from the strength of a large team.

Teemew: for a business metaverse made of France

The business metaverse solution developed by the French company Manzalab, Teemew allows the organization of professional events, the conduct of training courses or even on-boarding sessions.

This is above all a work solution in the future, which is likely to solve the hybrid paradox (teleworking vs office work): even if, in general, employees want more teleworking, everyone agrees on the problem of loss of link within the company. The consequence of this paradox: 40% of employees want to quit their jobs.

Thanks to the corporate metaverse, Teemew allows everyone, by re-creating a sense of presence together within a virtual space, to communicate in a more natural and fluid way than simple solutions. videoconferencing. This makes it possible to find informality and spontaneity in exchanges, no matter where one is physical.

Teemew is directly accessible from the web and does not require the use of a virtual reality headset. Today it is the only business metaverse solution that can accommodate multiple people.

A demonstration of the partnership between Agora and Teemew for the Metakwark client can be viewed HERE.

“We are very excited to use Agora’s live audio solution for our education and business platform in the metaverse. Live interaction and audio chat between avatar participants are essential for a fully immersive experience. learn. Thanks to Agora, we have expanded Teemew’s access to the web, without limiting the number of people ”, Clément Merville, CEO of Teemew.

“We are very proud to be involved in the development of the metaverse, helping companies around the world consolidate their offering. With Teemew, we are working to remove the physical boundaries of the professional world and offer an offer that, in the future future, change business practices ”Ali Nhari, Head of EMEA at Agora.

After a successful start, Teemew now wants to strengthen their relationship with Agora. While the testing phase allows the introduction of traditional audio solutions, Teemew and Agora are now working on introducing “3D Spatial” technology, a solution already tested by Agora, which allows sound to be heard from anywhere it comes out, adding users. ‘feeling of immersion.

About the Agora

Agora is the leading company in the development of real -time communication platforms as a service (RTE PaaS). Agora’s mission is to create real-time interaction with everyone, empowering everyone to interact with anyone, in any app, anytime, anywhere. The Agora platform provides developers with simple, flexible, and powerful application programming interfaces (APIs) to integrate real-time video and voice engagement experiences into their applications.

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About Teemew

Teemew is the first solution in the French Corporate Metaverse, completely rethinking the future of employment and training. To collaborate effectively, with the generalization of teleworking or distance training, it is above all necessary to communicate better: to find informal and vigorous exchanges between planned meetings. Corporate Metaverse allows Teemew, by creating a real sense of presence in a virtual environment, to restore natural communication to the center of group action.

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