League of Legends: how to stay 100% calm in your games?

news tips League of Legends: how to stay 100% calm in your games?

We won’t teach you anything by telling you that League of Legends is a game that can cause players to get angry, or even insult their teammates. If this behavior is obviously criticized, Riot Games to date has not been able to overcome it. After all, there is a solution to better live your Summoner’s Rift experience.

Whether you’re a League of Legends player or not, you already know that the game has a reputation for having one of the most toxic communities imaginable. If things were better today than they were a few years ago, we would be far from an environment completely covered in insults and other outbursts of anger. It’s hard not to be affected by direct insults or even by simply judging our live game abilities, and not responding to one verbal attack on another. To avoid suffering the wrath of others, and venting his own hatred to his associates, However, there is a simple solution: disable communications. Too radical in the team game? Not so much. We will explain everything to you.


  • A survival instinct
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A survival instinct

This isn’t really the first time you’ve heard that in order to fully enjoy League of Legends, you need to disable communications with other players. Only here, like all MOBA, is the game on Riot Games a team game, and it seems hard to imagine that not talking to your teammates could be an advantage. However, players are likely to underestimate the impact that a simple sentence can have on another player, even if it was not intended for us. Worse, the simple fact of knowing that our actions will be observed and judged alive by our teammates can also bring an extra dose of pressure, pushing us to do anything.

Players with chat disabilities agree that this is the best decision they can make while playing League of Legends. However, it is clearly understandable that you are not convinced and that you cannot plunge. The prospect of having a good team that uses the communication tool to guide teammates to victory is even more detrimental to yourself. To begin with, we just advise you to make a simple reflex: at the slightest sign of intoxication, at the slightest insult or slight annoying action such as an untimely ping or chat question mark, open your dialog box and write “/ muting all”.

By doing this, you absolutely can’t prevent all friendly or enemy communication for the entire game now. You no longer see pings, no more text, no more bothering you and you can focus on your game. By adopting this reflex, you don’t completely shut yourself out from the possibilities of having good signs in certain games, while protecting yourself from the evil of the most toxic players. And if you feel it is better to write this command in the chat box, we advise you to take the next step.

Happy are the ignorant

League of Legends: how to stay 100% calm in your games?

As we told you earlier, we can minimize the impact that can be had on the simple feeling of being observed and judged. In a League of Legends game, if you spend about fifteen minutes playing almost alone in your path, it’s still possible to watch what others are doing at any given hour. Knowing this, the slightest of our failures (either a death or even a spell without a target) can be immediately noticed by another player, who can directly point it out to you via a ping or an insult, or even to suppress it. come back to remind you later in the game.

Even if you don’t realize it, you can put special pressure on each of your actions and on each of your games for this reason. This feeling is even more subtle, it’s hard to know if you’re already a victim or not. For information, we advise you to try to cut off all communications at the start of the game at least once, and check for yourself how well you feel. If so, trust us: go to your options and permanently mute the chat.

To do this, simply launch any game (even Training Grounds without a bot for example), go to the game options, then click “Interface”, and finally uncheck the boxes ” Show All chat channels (in matchmaking) “and” Show allied chat channels “. Regarding pings, you can disable the signal volume in the “Audio” tab. They will remain visible on the screen, but you no longer have a corresponding sound signal. If you really want to remove it completely, you need to do it manually per game via the score menu (TAB item by default).

League of Legends: how to stay 100% calm in your games?League of Legends: how to stay 100% calm in your games?

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