How to ride a bike with your dog?

For a week-long bike ride or for a short bike ride, you can bring your dog. Basket, trailer or customized leash: better to know so that this practice is risk-free for both of you.

How to ride a bike with your dog? Do you have to put your pet in a trailer or a basket? Is there a risk if the dog leash is attached to the steering wheels of my bike? Before taking your dog on a fun bike ride, here are the right questions to ask yourself.

Careful to do: does this dog like to ride a bike?

Not all dogs like to bike with their owners in the same way. Before considering walking your pet, analyze its behavior around the bike. If he starts kicking the wheels, pulling on your pants, or trying to turn the bike, your dog is expressing fear or rejection of that thing. You can always try to get him used to it, but it’s better not to insist.

If the dog is at best enthusiastic, at worst indifferent, he deserves to make the trip. Finally, you need to make sure this dog follows the finger and eye, especially if you shout “On foot!”

What kind of dog is suitable for cycling?

Having just mentioned, not all dogs love practice. If this taste can vary from one animal to another, however we can say that some varieties are not really suitable for cycling. According to Josera, a pet food company, the following breeds can’t stand running next to a bicycle:

In contrast, these dog breeds are very adept at following a bicycle:

Bike and dog: the basket solution

The dog basket is a practical and safe solution for carrying your dog on a bike. Whether to place it on the front or the back, it needs to be firmly fixed. It is best to choose a model with a protective grid. Cloth baskets specially designed for carrying animals can meet your needs.

In general, a basket dog supports between 10 and 15kg. So it’s unthinkable to bring a Newfoundland or a Great Dane, but small dogs love these comfortable rides.

The dog basket is great for city trips.

Put your dog in a bike trailer

The dog bike trailer is very comfortable for the animal. Alternatively to the basket, it can accommodate animals from 30 to 40 kg, allowing to carry a medium-sized dog (Boxer, Labrador, Dalmatian, etc.).

To pull a trailer with the force of your legs, you need to have a good pedal stroke or have an electric bike. The trailer does not agree to allow your dog to run next to you. It can be rested after a tiring run.

Hiding your dog on a leash while cycling, is it recommended?

One of the sensitive points of canine cycling is the case in between. Granted, it remains nonetheless dangerous. In fact, if the dog makes a slight deviation, it risks dragging the bike and thus causing it to fall. In addition, tying a dog by its collar can be dangerous: a sudden stop, for example, can cause it to stutter. It is therefore recommended to use the harness instead.

The best solution, if you want your dog to run next to you, is to invest in a side pull-up bar. Placed to the right or left of the bike, it is connected with a short leash that allows the dog to run “in the right place”. This tool is commonly used in connection with mountain biking.

Can you ride a dog without a leash?

It’s possible to ride a bike with an unruly dog, but not anywhere. The road or driveway must be completely safe. This means no cars: a country lane banned for cars, a forest route …

Be careful, it is forbidden and dangerous to allow your dog to run freely in urban areas. Don’t take it on cycle paths or “greenways”, and other shared areas. The risk of accident is great for him and other users.

Before riding your bike: some tips

For your dog, running to keep up with the bike is very heavy. Need to rest regularly and the duration of the walk is not too long. Avoid going out if the advertised temperature is too high. If the route chosen includes a water point, it will be a great pleasure for your animal. It does not fail to provide a sufficient amount of water to drink it. Finally, adjust your speed so that there is not too much effort for him.

How long will it take to ride a bike with a dog?

To start, get him used to following the bike for about ten minutes. Afterwards, it is recommended to rest at least every half hour.

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