He had a problem with his neighbors, they retaliated against his dog, “Our dog is hanging on the beam”

Do you have neighbors? You may be aware of the tense relationship with them … A few days ago, the local newspaper “Midi Libre” told a scary story to say the least. If I tell you of the neighborhood dispute, tell me nothing is extraordinary. Every day stories of fights between residents of the same street are reported in the media. A tree peeking from the fence, a chicken crowing early in the morning, children playing ball in the deep night… The causes of these conflicts are endless. But in the case we report to you, it is not the causes that are shocking, but the behavior of the stakeholders.

Neighbors angry over the barking allegedly tried to kill a dog

“Midi Libre” says a resident of Lihus, a small village in Oise, saw one of his dogs hanging from a beam. The unfortunate woman made this horrible discovery on her way home from work on Saturday June 25. Arriving at her house, the woman in question greeted, as usual, all the animals waiting for her in her cage. It was then that he realized one of them was missing. This is Orus, a three -year -old Malinois.

Arriving at her kennel to look for her dogs, this Oisienne, who is not much appreciated by her neighbors, is at first surprised that all her pets are not found. Suddenly, he understood the strange noises. Horror, his dog Orus. Hanged, the animal nearly dies of suffocation. Fortunately, his mistress released him in time and was able to save him. Luckily, the young Malinois were therefore saved.

A story of extraordinary violence posted on Facebook

Who can do such a horrible thing and why? The young woman seemed to have the answers to these questions. On her Facebook page, she took the time to tell this story to criticize the violence of which her dog was the victim. He also said that since his arrival in the village of Lihus four years ago, he has been suffering from criticism from his neighbors almost daily. In fact, they were constantly complaining about his dogs barking.

Angry residents even complained to the town hall to answer the animal owner. Following these complaints, this woman was asked to equip her dogs with anti-bark collars as a first step. On the other hand, he had to put all his pets in cages. In honor of their commitments, the owner of Orus and his spouse built these spaces. When they were away, they locked their dogs there as agreed.

Many attempts at intimidation

From the neighbors ’perspective, these changes are not enough. Dogs can still be heard on the streets of this quiet village. According to the newspaper “Midi Libre”, the sufferer of the complaints of the residents of Lihus has already seen balls full of nails. But not only that, the back window of his car was broken.

Faced with this series of attacks, the young woman made a decision. Monday, June 27, he filed a complaint for an act of cruelty to an animal. In fact, this animal lover was deeply shocked by the acts of violence committed against his dogs. As for the intimidation attempts, they only increased his desire for justice tenfold. Finally, the Beauvais prosecutor’s office opened an investigation to shed light on this case. In the Facebook post of seeing his dog hanged, it has already garnered nearly 100,000 shares!

With this visibility, we shouldn’t be surprised to see animal defense associations expressing themselves in the coming days. Once again, they are likely to criticize the way humans victimize innocent living creatures. Because people are really the ones who are opposed to conflicts and not their pets. Either way, trust the Objeko team to keep you posted on the outcome of this cool case.

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