Changing direction at the start of the school year: things are moving at Dreux colleges

Sandrine Dupuis is the principal of Dreux Louis-Armand college, which has been classified as a priority education zone for eight years.

At the beginning of the school year, he will take over the management of the Lycée Fulbert in Chartres. “I love working at Louis-Armand. Not everything is so beautiful, but I have experienced moments of intense joy and happiness there ”.

This former student at Rotrou high school in Dreux has only one goal: to help students succeed. “I like to do it in a priority education zone, no doubt because I myself come from a moderate background, but above all because these children, mostly from disadvantaged socio-cultural backgrounds. categories, should have the same opportunities as others ”.

What will students in the middle of Dreux say to future generations?

At Louis-Armand, he tries to give these young students codes that will allow them to better participate in society.

“It goes through dress codes. If you pass an exam, you’re not the same as your neighbor’s dress. It also includes language codes. It’s not the same as your boyfriend when you address an adult. Overall, this is very well understood by students and is very easy to adapt. »

Sandrine Dupuis (empty)

She also does projects that prove to students that they can do great things. She has fond memories of the reading competition and poetry fights in which Louis-Armand students participated this year.

Sandrine Dupuis doesn’t want to adorn anything. She had to struggle when she realized that women were likely to drop out of college to study elsewhere. “With the help of the parents’ association, we found the same number of boys and girls.”

A full week for the Louis-Armand College equivalent in Dreux

He knew the balance was weak. “No one wins. You must remain vigilant. But you also don’t get discouraged. His motto is goodness and strength. “Strength because you need to know how to punish when necessary, goodness because you need to be motivated”. He loves to see little 6th graders who are a bit lost become structured teenagers in 3rd grade.

“I always call Louis-Amand students attractive. It can be inspiring, but it’s warm and real.

Sandrine Dupuis (empty)

Sandrine Since is happy when students, and not just successful ones, are grateful. “They are not disgusted at school. It’s the main thing and I hope it lasts. ”He had only one regret: he didn’t see the end of his college career.

At Fulbert, he would find other students, other ways to work. “But maybe I’ll go back one day to priority education”.

He came to Louis-Armand

Richard Manceau

Richard Manceau is the principal of Camus college in Dreux. It’s perfect, perfect. He waits with a touch of fever on the results of third -year college patent students.

However, in September, Richard Manceau could not find his office at Camus College. He is the new principal at Louis-Armand college which is classified in a priority education zone.

“I spent four amazing years in Camus. It wouldn’t have bothered me to do the fifth, ”the head teacher explained. “But when I found out that Louis-Armand’s position had become vacant, I didn’t hesitate even for a second.”

Taking the direction of a priority college of education was the logical part of Richard Manceau’s career, which Dreux was very involved with.

In Dreux, two allophone students from Camus college won the academic learning competition

He was a high school student in Branly before studying electrical engineering in Orléans. He worked for 6 years at the Philips company in Dreux before continuing his studies and becoming a technology instructor.

He taught at Chartres, Anet and at Pagnol college in Vernouillet. He is the deputy principal of Courtois and Viollette vocational schools. He went to the educational city of Mamers (Sarthe) before going in the direction of Camus. “Dreux is my hometown, here I want to live and work”.
Richard Manceau can no longer wait to get to Louis-Armand.

“But I can’t change everything. I listen, observe before seeing what can be improved. If I leave one place, I don’t run away, I just want to take my skill and my sensitivity to another place.

Richard Manceau (empty)

Camus college in Dreux is hosting an exhibition on Anne Frank

At her new college, she will rely on the educational approach of the city of Dreux-Vernouillet to allow students access to suggestions that will help them get out of their daily lives and have ambition.

Richard Manceau knew he had to go to Louis-Armand College:

“But, I can go where I want. Students in priority education zone schools can be difficult, but they are also attractive. Often, they are very grateful for what we do for them. My students at Viollette or Courtoi still thank me when we meet on the road. »

Richard Manceau (empty)

In Camus, Richard Manceau will be replaced by Valérie Renard, now assistant principal at Nicolas-Robert college in Vernouillet. He remained for eight years. Sandrine Dupuis is the principal of Dreux Louis-Armand college, which has been classified as a priority education zone for eight years.

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