Angelus: “Evangelism is based on the testimony of brotherly love”

At his urging before the Angelus prayer this Sunday, July 3, the Pope returned to send Jesus on a mission to seventy-two more disciples. “The mission of evangelism was based on the testimony of brotherly love, despite the difficulties that come with common life,” Francis especially recalls.

Francoise Niamien – Vatican City

From the window of the pope’s apartments, Francis first pointed out that the disciples were sent out in pairs, not individually. “Going on a mission hesitantly, from a practical point of view, seems to have more disadvantages than advantages. There is a risk that the two will not get along, have a different rhythm, get tired or hurt one along the way, forcing the other to stop as well. When one is alone, on the other hand, the journey seems faster and easier. pointed out to the Pope, before adding that “Jesus, however, is not of this opinion: he did not send before him alone men, but disciples in pairs.”

Evangelize through the testimony of life

In explaining the reasons for this choice of the Lord, Francis shows that Jesus called his disciples to “workers”: they are called to work, that is, to evangelize the world by their character. Because above all it is the very life of the disciples that informs the Gospel: their interpersonal skill, their respect for one another or even their humility and smallness, refuses to prove their superiority over their brethren.

Against personal activism, the need for fraternity

Continuing his urging, Francis indicated that “one can make perfect pastoral plans, can do well -done projects, organize oneself down to the smallest detail; one can call many people and there are many ways; but if nothing is available for the fraternity, the evangelical mission will not prosper“. The Holy Father thus tells the story of a missionary who went to Africa with a companion.”However, later, he separated from her and settled in a village where he carried out a series of construction activities for the benefit of the community. Everything works. But one day, he was shocked: he realized that his life than that of a good businessman, was always in the middle of construction sites and paperwork! So he left management to others and joined his teammate “.

This missionary, the Pope explained, “thus understanding why the Lord sent the disciples “two by two”: the mission of evangelism was not based on personal activism, that is, on “doing”, but on the affirmation of brotherly love, though of the difficulties of living together.“.

Can we work together?

After his exhortation, the Sovereign Father invited the faithful present to ask themselves with him how we bring the good news of the Gospel to others. Do we do it with brotherly spirit and style, or in the way of the world, with protagonist, competitiveness and effectiveness? he asked. Let’s ask ourselves if we have the ability to work together, if we know how to make decisions together, sincerely respecting those around us and considering their point of view.“.

Indeed, it is in this way that the life of the disciple allows the life of the Master to shine, by truly communicating it to others, the Holy Father declares. Francis concluded by praying to the Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church, that she would teach the world to prepare the way of the Lord by witnessing to the fraternity.

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