What we do know about the case of the hunter who was found beheaded in 1995 in Allier, was relaunched 27 years after the murder.

Can a legal enigma that began more than a quarter of a century be resolved? On December 25, 1995, the headless body of Christophe Doire, 28, was found in an Allier ditch. 27 years later, his 56-year-old widow was indicted for “murder”, Cusset’s public prosecutor, Eric Neveu, announced Thursday, June 30. Franceinfo returned this “cold case”.

A mysterious disappearance after an argument

At the end of 1995, Christophe Doire was working on slaughterhouses in Vichy. The young father is a very good hunter and keeper of dogs “recounts Le Figaro. But sometimes he gets lucky on the lands of other hunting societies “, determines daily. It could play him, like this Dec. 15, when his dog Flora was stolen from him by a hunter he frequented. He saw her the next day, he said The Parisian.

On the night of the 16th, at the family home in Cusset (Allier), an argument broke out with his wife about the fall of a working hair dryer in the bathtub where she was. In annoyance, he went to his brother. There he would spend the night before returning home at 11:30 p.m. This was the last time he was seen alive.

Screen capture of the situation in the city of Cusset (Allier), taken on July 2, 2022. (GOOGLE MAPS / FRANCEINFO)

His wife reported him missing two days later, on Dec. 18, when hunting friends were worried they hadn’t found him. His car was immediately found on the Cusset, determined The Dispatch. A week later, then December 25, his headless body was discovered in a ditch by hunters. The man suffered exsanguination and his head, never seen since, was cut off with the tool of an executioner, recalls Le Figaro.

Two dismissals and an investigation were reopened in 2020

Initially, investigators were interested in the middle of the hunters. Dog theft and violent death put them on this path. The track of a conflict is considered, before being dismissed. The first judicial investigation led to dismissal in 2000. The second judicial inquiry opened two years later also led to dismissal in 2007. Thirteen years later, in May 2020, the investigation was resumed by the prosecutor’s office. on Cusset to proofread the file. These new investigations led to the opening of a judicial investigation for “intentional homicide” in November 2021.

A cell of about fifteen investigators, mainly from the research section of Clermont-Ferrand (Puy-de-Dôme), was formed and conducted new hearings and scientific analysis. Samples were taken from several people around him, dozens of people were interviewed and “Lots of technical investigation” implemented, according to the prosecutor. The victim’s body is still being exhumed to make new comparative analysis, particularly of the clothes he was likely worn on the night of his disappearance.

“All working hypotheses are considered: the wife, the family, the hunting community, the bad activity, the victim’s romantic relationship”detailed Cusset prosecutor Eric Neveu. “We brought a new look and worked as if we had just discovered the crime scene (…), as if the crime had just taken place”he added.

“In a criminal analysis, you have to be very humble: sometimes you’re lucky, sometimes you’re not lucky, but it’s easier to investigate using the way we have in 2022 than in 1995.”

Eric Neveu, Cusset prosecutor

at a press conference

Widow charged, other possible arrests

Investigators went back to the stormy life of the couple as it revealed the course of investigations and hearings. They targeted the victim’s widow, nearly three decades after the murder. While in police custody, he was absent “not denied or confirmed” the facts, the prosecutor explained.

The magistrate was particularly observant “lack of reliable explanations” or “his refusal, especially in the case of his spouse”. she “refuses to have conflicting relationship with her husband” whoever “stand up from the testimonies and be emphasized”by Eric Neveu.

Without disclosing further investigation, the prosecutor believes “serious and consistent signs” place “evidence of his involvement in the murder of Christophe Doire”. Although “The exact circumstances of this move require further investigation”NOTES Eric Nephew. The magistrate also revealed that the suspect was assisted. Others “The elements now allow for thinking” that he would not have acted alone “throughout the process” and “There are other arrests”, he said. This 56 -year -old woman “imposes a 30 -year prison sentence”the prosecutor concluded.

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