‘Thor: Love and Thunder’: ‘We’ve witnessed a whole war with women’ – Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman made a strong comeback in “Thor: Love and Thunder” as her Jane Foster character became Mighty Thor when she used Mjolnir. Artificially grown for the needs of feature film, but naturally muscular, the actress spoke with conviction about the need to offer strong women on the big screen, especially in these turbulent times.

Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth, is not a superhero like the others. He is the only character to have four films dedicated to him, in addition to appearing in three Marvel films, as well as the television series “What If …?”.

Natalie Portman, she’s not an actress like the others. In addition to his performance in “Léon” with Jean Reno, he was also part of the “Star Wars” franchise, receiving two Golden Globes, for “The Black Swan” and “Intimate”, a BAFTA and an Oscar, same for “The Black Swan”. She is also a producer, screenwriter and director, and participated, along with Tessa Thompson, repeating her role as Valkyrie, in creating “Time’s Up”, an association that legally helps victims of gender -based violence. in the context of their employment ..

'Thor: Love and Thunder': 'We've witnessed a whole war with women' - Natalie Portman

In battle

If she agreed to return to her role as Jane, where she was last seen in ‘Thor: A Dark World’-in fact, her appearance in ‘Avengers: Endgame’ was made through reshoots filmed for previous film – because he didn’t. higher “that little bitch”. Now he fights alongside Thor and Valkyrie to thwart the threat posed by Gorr (Christian Bale), whose film directed by Taika Waititi is a determined wacky, colorful and entertaining comedy.

“My view of superheroes has changed over the years. Having the opportunity to play Jane is an interesting way to explore the role of a superhero who is weak and vulnerable while looking for incredible strength. I saw all the work that goes into playing superhero, something I didn’t know when I was still playing “pitoune” on duty. I didn’t see everything that was going on behind the scenes, the choreography of the fights, the training, ”he said during the press conference for the presentation of the film that preceded the QMI Agency interview. .

“After seeing Chris play Thor for years, it was crazy to try on the costume, it was real,” he said. His training lasted 10 months, an almost entire year where he lifted weights, boxing, Pilates, jump rope and other exercises so that he could develop the muscles we see on screen. And during filming, he started his days around 4:30 a.m. to include an hour of daily play.

'Thor: Love and Thunder': 'We've witnessed a whole war with women' - Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is small, she is 1.60m tall, director Taika Watiti has to find a way to make her look taller next to Chris Hemsworth, who is 1.90m tall. The solution is simple: the actress acts on a high platform. “I salute everyone’s imagination which made it possible to choose a little actress,” she said with a laugh.

Invented either after World War II or in the 1960s and 1970s, superheroes are more popular now than ever, with Marvel and DC battling for hundreds of millions of dollars and special effects. screen.

“I’m so lucky that Jane has become Mighty Thor and I think the first comic to include this change started in 2014,” she said in an interview with QMI Agency. The fact that Jane is a scientist has yet to be explored more important than this film. And his becoming a superhero is a unique opportunity.

'Thor: Love and Thunder': 'We've witnessed a whole war with women' - Natalie Portman

A war of women

Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Black Widow, Harley Quinn, Valkyrie … and now Mighty Thor, heroes with strange powers have now become legions of fans ’joy. But the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to abolish the federal right to abortion came with terrible laughter over the weekend of premieres, press conferences and interviews for “Thor: Love and Thunder.” Interviewed the day after the announcement, Natalie Portman didn’t hesitate to jump on the subject with both feet when the opportunity arose.

“Super heroines really need to be more than ever. Right now, we are witnessing an all-out war against women in our country as well as in other regions of the world. Representations of different possibilities, of various empowerments for women is a crying need today. I look to the powers of my fellow women for inspiration and comfort. “

“Thor: A Dark World” was released in 2013, i.e. nine years ago, an eternity for the cinema industry, which is now marked by the arrival of the #MeToo movement in 2016. But it’s These changes aren’t what scared Natalie Portman the hardest on the set.

“Taika is a creator and I’ve never worked with someone like him. It’s a joy to be on his set and that’s the main difference in this film when I compare it to everything I’ve done before. He brings a as much joy and enthusiasm in every moment of filming that he almost felt a responsibility to make sure everyone on the set had fun.He always put on music, he spent his time making comedies, he was warm and kind.His humor is always generous and never demeans others.It creates a perfect collaboration environment.He incorporates everyone’s ideas into the production and it makes us all feel part of a family.

“Thor: Amour et tonnerre” hit the screens in Quebec to be released on July 8th.

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