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6:00 pm, July 2, 2022

After Yang ***

From Kogonada, with Colin Farrell and Jodie Turner-Smith. 1:36 p.m.

Jake and Kyra adopt a Chinese girl and give her a pet android, Yang, as a babysitter. If Yang breaks down, Jake pulls all the stops to fix it … Under the A24 flag, a studio that supports quality independent American cinema (Barry Jenkins, Robert Eggers), this fiction story in science touches the heart by questioning the idea of ​​mankind, according to blade runner (1982) o THERE (2001). The existential fable, which speaks of family, memory and mourning, works with its beauty, its sweetness and its sadness, while remaining a part of the mystery. A modest role for Colin Farrell. SB

Minions 2: Once Upon a Time Gru **

By Kyle Balda, Brad Ableson and Jonathan del Val. 1:28 p.m.

Gru dreams of joining Vicious 6, a squad of super-villains, of which he is the hottest admirer. To achieve this, he doubled his ingenuity, supported by the Minions … While the first opus was limited to a series of unequal sketches, this film has a good idea that actually became the prequel to Me, ugly and ugly (2010) and to capture an interest of young people in Gru. That added to the ridicule of his army of devout yellow servants. The madness that comes from this business is exhilarating. Special mention to Pierre Coffin, filmmaker behind the saga, who goes on to dub Minions with an irresistible unreasonable sense of humor. Not to mention the delicious retro soundtrack. SB

I love Greece **

By Nafsika Guerry-Karamaounas, with Stacy Martin, Vincent Dedienne. 1:30 p.m.

A Franco-Greek couple came to Athens for the holidays. He discovered their family was affected by the country’s food crisis. Behind the title of its postcard and its glittering images, this unequal course of the first film happily combines the comedy of marriage and social record. Alternating with the same gravity and lightness, Stacy Martin and Vincent Dedienne, who learned Greek for the occasion, formed a less-than-ideal pairing, albeit a beautiful, cinematic couple, in the center of a delicious gallery secondary characters you want to leave. the Cyclades. Si SJ

Ennio **

By Giuseppe Tornatore. 2:36 p.m.

Giuseppe Tornatore worked with Ennio Morricone for twenty -five years, mainly in Cinema Paradiso hope The Legend of the Sea Pianist. This conspiracy has now produced a lengthy documentary consisting of master interviews, archived images, film excerpts and numerous testimonials from musicians and directors, interesting or more anecdotal. Classic in its form but attractive, it encompasses a large body of work, from musical experiments to unforgettable soundtracks, highlighting its richness and diversity. Behind the inhabited composer, who relies on his art with a passion for communication, a complex man emerges by revealing anecdotes. A melodic, abundant and touching journey. Bap.T.

The Sadness **

By Robert Jabbaz, with Regina Lei and Berant Zhu. 1:40. Prohibited under 16 years of age.

After a year of pandemic, the virus produced a horrific variant that prompted infected people to kill each other. Violence will invade the streets. A couple trying to survive in an angry population… Presented at the Gérardmer Festival, this Taiwanese horror film presents itself as a real UFO, not detracting from any courage, any gritty gag of its representation of a definitively trashy chaos. Impossible dialogues, freewheeling actors, crazy situations: a show that repeats the zombie statement with enthusiasm where to go. Funny guarantee.

Záhorí **

By Mari Alessandrini, with Lara Tortosa, Santos Curapil. 1:45 p.m.

A Swiss-Italian teenager lives in the Patagonian steppe with her parents, ecologists who see their future threatened. He dreams of becoming a real gaucho, like his friend Nazareno, an old Mapuche Indian. If it marked all the boxes of minimalist indie film, this first thoughtful feature would have come as a surprise. From the region, the director reshuffles the western cards by playing with its codes (subject format) in the course of a feminist story and touching freedom that restores the shocking atmosphere to its beautiful state. Bap.T.

Growing up *

By Dror Zahavi, with Peter Simonischek, Bibiana Beglau. 1:51.

A famous Austrian conductor has been offered to create a formation composed of Palestinian and Israeli musicians. Can music soften morals? This film of tolerance and artistic qualities pushes the doors open but it’s good. Promoting a young man marked by a painful legacy, the Israeli director shows through some strong chain of deep hatred that divides the two communities. Her story is also nice to avoid a very obvious happy ending. Bap.T.

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