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Author-composer for Gérard Lenorman, Mike Brant, Michel Sardou, Claude François, Joe Dassin, Images, Jean-Pierre Mader and others, and producer for Francis Cabrel, Richard Seff recently received the SACEM medal in his 50 -year career.

Despite the lack of sound and deafening electronic toys, the Seff brothers quickly secured the atmosphere of the house and got their hands dirty from the beginning of the 1960s. I was offered a guitar for my 13th. birthday ”, explained Richard, the youngest in Daniel’s family. inseparable band. “Every day I play and, probably out of laziness, I try to invent songs instead of working on other people’s songs! The madness of the yéys then in Anglo-Saxon rock, by Chuck Berry and Elvis, May-68, by Pink Floyd and the Doors, the spirit of protest, long hair that will cover France …

Fifty years ago, by writing songs, SACEM (Society of Authors, Composers and Music Publishers) awarded him a medal a few days ago in recognition of a member’s good and loyal service, a staunch defender of artists and culture, with an atypical profile to say the least. “I’ve been a director again this year, I’ve been vice president twice but this is my last mandate, we have to leave a place for young people even if it’s important to have people with experience. the platforms change everything and the metaverse (1) adds another difficulty for young authors.They should have the same opportunity we have, but no one is sure, you have to fight to make sure that copyright is respected. »

Rewind tape …

So how do you sum up that journey? “It can be complicated! Warns the affable young septuagenarian.” My brother Daniel (who received his medal the same day, the presentation prevented the 2020 pandemic, editor’s note) was the beginning of my career. I’m a bit multitasking and when he starts composing songs for him, because he loves to sing, he’ll stalk sometimes with lyrics so I let him and I love it! The luck of the two applicants quickly smiled as they were able to contact a Claude Nougaro (1929-2004) who opened the doors of the profession for them.

Maxime Leforestier, Yves Simon, Catherine Ribeiro and Gérard Lenorman are in the stable of talent scout Claude Dejacques. “Lenorman heard songs from my brother. He called a fellow friend who was working South Radio to ask him if we wanted him to write songs. And we didn’t write him, we already had those songs! “In this case“ De toi ”which describes the work of the singer’s first album on the hits“ Le Petit Prince ”and“ Les Matins d’hiver. ”“ That’s why from graduating high school Richard went on until my first hit at age 19. »

Eddie Barclay (1921-2005) noticed them quickly, “This is my prayer” for Mike Brant (1947-1975) followed, the creation of the Condorcet studio took place with cousins ​​Jean Michel and François Porterie, Jacques Cardona, Pierre Groscolas and others will see the rising stars (Sardou, Antoine, Chédid, etc.) and position Toulouse at the pinnacle of success in the 1980s. South Radio take him on the production path for an unknown: Francis Cabrel. Together, they will launch Rencontres d’Astaffort in 1994 … But the story is too long, Richard warns …

On some dates

1952: Born on May 9 in Toulouse
1972 : “De Toi”, song written with his brother Daniel for Gérard Lenorman, which reached the top position in radio hits
1973 : Release of “This is my prayer” by Mike Brant, the text he wrote.
1974 : Discovery of Francis Cabrel and making his first album in 1977
1993 : Creating a good marketing company MIDISCOM
2020 : Appointed Knight of Arts and Letters
2022 : SACEM Medal for its 50 -year presence

(1) Concept that many players in the technology sector envision as the successor to today’s Internet.

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