his neighbor revealed the reason for his action

Jean-Claude Joly, do you remember him? If you read us often, you already know that the symbolic candidate of “Love is in the grass” killed himself a few days ago. Saturday, June 25, someone nicknamed “My Jean-Claude” by Karine Le Marchand, was found hanging in her stable. Since then, rumors have surfaced about the reasons for his acting. But as the days passed, tongues became loose and new information was revealed. Here is what we found out …

The large family of “Love is in the meadow” was turned upside down by the death of Jean-Claude Joly

Sensitive and generous, Jean-Claude Joly is a very popular candidate for “Love is in the meadow”. The audience and the presenter of the show especially appreciated his humor. Now in its sixth edition to meet love, the farmer has realized his dream since he fell in love with Maud, one of his two homosexuals. The two lovebirds engage in front of the cameras. They also have a daughter named Charlotte. Today, this young woman is 8 years old.

The announcement of Jean-Claude Joly’s death shocked all the former candidates of “Love is in the meadow”, but also his presenter and audience who did not forget this emblematic candidate. In his village of La Frénaye, the loss of the milk producer has also saddened many residents. Shortly after his death, a local newspaper announced that the 53-year-old farmer had hanged himself.

Her marriage has experienced difficulties

He shared his life with Maud for over 10 years. This single mother was already a mother of three when she fell for Jean-Claude Joly’s portrait. Three years after filming the sixth edition of “Love is in the Grass”, the lovers extended their family to come to little Charlotte. But two years later, the couple talked about less happy reasons.

After his wife’s complaint, Jean-Claude Joly was fined for domestic violence. Maud accuses him of kicking her to knock her down. The young woman also accused him of abusing her teenage son. The farmer gripped him tightly on his wrist. Jean-Claude has always denied these accusations. Shortly after his conviction, he said Maud regretted filing a complaint against him. Despite all these stories, little Charlotte’s parents decided to stay together. Thus, they continued the course of their mixed family life.

Jean-Claude Joly is facing financial difficulties

When it was announced in the press that Jean-Claude Joly had committed suicide, many people thought that marital problems were behind this desperate act. However, a relative of the farmer testified that the reason for his action was different. Interviewed by local media, La Frénaye residents believe the difficulties of his job are to blame. In fact, every year farmers end their lives due to financial problems. It appears that Jean-Claude also encountered financial difficulties related to his professional activity. One of his relatives confessed in particular that the farmer was struggling financially, that he could no longer meet the needs of his small family.

“Once all his expenses have been paid, he only has 100 euros left in a month to support his family” This man close to Jean-Claude Joly revealed before adding that the farmer had struggled for many years to succeed in maintaining the accounts on his farm. And since he could no longer do it, he was tired. In fact, Maud’s husband was devastated and failed to cope with all the hardships that had plagued him during all these years of hard work. This is why he chose to leave this world. If Jean-Claude Joly could no longer worry about anything, his wife and daughter would have to continue to go on without a husband and without a father.

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