He had problems with his neighbors, they took revenge on his dog, “hanging on the beam”

Dogs, as we all know, are man’s best friend. They are loyal, protect their owners as much as they can, and are always loved no matter what. However, not everyone has the same sympathy for these pets and what happened in Lihus, in Oise, is proof of this.

A despicable act

In this small village, a resident found one of his dogs “hanging on the beam”, after a day of work, on Saturday June 25, 2022. While he wanted to check if all his animals was really in jail, this woman realized that one was missing. This is his three -year -old malinois.

After noticing this disappearance, the woman heard a strange noise and was later able to rescue another dog named Orus. He was rescued long before he suffocated to death. Unfortunately, his Malinois friend could not be saved.

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Is it revenge on his neighbors?

After finding his hanged dog, this Lihu resident decided to break the silence through his Facebook account. She said she put her suitcases in this small village with her dogs four years ago, her neighbors keep complaining. The reason given by the latter was none other than the barking of his dogs.

So, after several complaints filed at the town hall about her pets, the woman decided to put anti-bark collars on her dogs. Other than that, he also left them in their kennel. And this, every time she and her husband were not at home. However, he does not seem to want his neighbors to be satisfied with these precautions.

The latter is willing to take the most drastic measures to silence the canids. This Lihus resident also revealed that before this, he had once again discovered many meatballs full of nails that could harm his dogs. In addition, the rear window of his car was also damaged possibly in retaliation for his neighbors.

After her dog was found hanging, the woman further filed a police complaint on June 27, 2022, for an act of cruelty to an animal. The Beauvois public prosecutor’s office also took up the case. For its part, the dog owner’s publication has reacted to a lot of people on Facebook, which is completely normal.

The abused dog sought shelter

Since we were talking about animal cruelty, the Lagny / Chessy agglomeration police station seized an abused dog in Montévrain, Thursday April 14, 2022. It was especially the Ani’Meaux association that alerted the police. So, when the latter moved, they found the animal in a cage.

According to several witnesses, Shadow never left his owner’s house. He lived on a balcony and was constantly locked in a cage. He also did not have enough food and was constantly beaten by the people he lived with. For information, Shadow is an American Staff just 11 months old. While dogs of the same breed weighed 25 kg, Shadow was only 15 kg due to the abuse he suffered.

According to Ani’Meaux’s legal manager, we found bone fragments under the poor animal’s hematoma and the fracture “at the level of the leg, from knee to high”. As a result, Shadow cannot walk normally.

After all these discoveries, the association filed a complaint for the act of cruelty to an animal against the dog owners. They need to be called and listened to. Now, the dog is already in good hands and looking for shelter where he can bathe in love.

“She will interact with dogs, cats, chickens and children of all ages. Dog love, ”said Ani’Meaux.

If you think you are willing to give the love that Shadow missed to the owners in the past, you can contact the association.

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