Fire Island, Jane Austen’s gay re-reading that will make you yearn for summer love

Do you miss romantic summer comedies? Do you want to find Drew Barrymore, Renee Zellweger or Anne Hathaway in search of true and lasting love? Don’t worry: Fire Island will satisfy everything you want.

Your youth is definitely shaken, like mine, by the big romantic blockbusters of the summer. In the cold of the cinemas in the early 2000’sI discovered during the summer holidays the romantic relationships (which I think are complicated) with young women whose Life finds itself turned upside down one night by a good love story.. Luckily, I found myself between two popcorns for 3 euros (not expensive in 2002 remember).

It’s like welcoming my room in the summer space the giant head of Freddie Prinze Jr and his sharp smile posterShe is so beautifulterrible to my mother and delicious.

Years passed and the – well – romantic comedy is gone, for some reason I can’t explain but it saddens me. How can my soft little heart be able to handle the heat wave and the contemporary world without these little bubbles of innovation where the protagonists live happily and have many super expensive marriages hosted by a character played by Jennifer Lopez?

Fire Island, Pride and Prejudice under the poppers

The question no longer arises this summer, with the Disney + release of the film Island of Fire accessible to parental control. A good romantic comedy cute which made me want to believe again before the magic of romantic comedy but also of summer love.

In order not to disappoint his joy, all this is brought about by the energy of literature: the shadow of Jane Austen hangs throughout the film, which would never upset me (don’t lie, you too: who hasn’t loved Monsieur Darcy so much?). Inspired by the cult Pride and Prejudice but who will take the poppers, Island of Fire follows a group of friends who vacation each summer to the house of a friend on Fire Island, an island near Long Island, who, in addition toresidence in a gay village since the beginning of the 20th centurystink on holidays.

To view Disney+ Fire Island accessible using parental controls

love and friendship

We followed the character of Noah, a handsome nurse fluttering and not wanting to be with the men they meet, and his best friend Howie, a little blue flower. The two have no serious relationship and bet on their vacation with their friends: Noah will not be allowed to have a relationship as long as Howie remains single. and will not meet the person who deviates from it. They will cross apparently on their way is the handsome Charlie, a wealthy pediatrician who is a little simpleton and his friend Will, whose frugality hides the real…. I didn’t tell you. You have to watch out.


A modern romantic comedy

In addition to the beautiful decorations, and this feeling of sunshine anchoring Island of Fire on the list of small summer delights 2022Andrew Ahn’s film offers the possibility of distortion white and heteronormative romantic comedy who really needs it. For the cliché ” The young journalist/advertiser is so busy with his career in New York that he is attracted to a wealthy client who is upset but attracted to her who knows the reason ”we have more than reason, and it’s good.

Island of Fire offers a modern and unique translation, sometimes a little pointlesswhere the two heroes, are played by comedians Joel Kim Booster and Bowen Yang (one of the bright lead actors in Saturday Night Live), than once of Asian origin. If we are aware of the film industry’s invisibility of queer minorities, Island of Fire offers the possibility for many people to eventually feel represented and that’s as big as it’s important.

Touching roles, but also actors we hope to see again soon, while they make it funny, touching, sensitive and modern. In short, a real breath of fresh air, both in genre, but also in Jane Austen’s works for the month of pride, which we can’t recommend enough. To watch with her friends at Disney +, while waiting for her crush we were invited in the summer to have a drink on the terrace.

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