Dutronc and Dutronc at the Festival Arena concert: humor, love and tenderness on the agenda

Jacques and Thomas Dutronc are regulars on Belgian stages. We always see them either in the National Forest, who in l’Ancienne Belgique or in the Francofolies de Spa. Friday night, on the esplanade of the Heysel Exhibition Center, was the first time the father and son showed themselves together, on the same stage, mixing sounds and repertoires. An event that unites two generations, an evening full of emotion, of course, on stage and in large, admiring audiences, with all the restraints on their lips. And always, in the background, the image and the sweetness of a Françoise Hardy.

In the interview he gave us three days before the concert, Thomas warned: “The bar is high. I always joke about it, there are a thousand bars, we put the bar high… We started with three atomic bombs! » “And me, and me, and me”, “Daughter of Santa Claus”, “They hid everything from us, they didn’t tell us”, it’s the bomb, for sure. Starting with acoustic guitar, things gradually electrified ending with a fiery trio with Rocky Gresset, Thomas Dutronc and an imperial Fred Chapellier in blues-rock style.

His father’s voice

With the indifferent persuasion that identifies them, the father and son take turns verses, allowing us to conclude on two things: Thomas is right, his father is very loud, fair, funny and present. very much. As for the son, is it really weird, in this repertoire, he has even more voice… than his father. On stage, of course, Jacques and Thomas Dutronc are the pair.

This is so evident in the series “J’aime plus Paris”, ThomDu’s first success and “It’s five o’clock, Paris wakes up”. “Easy order”, judge Thomas. Not so much. In any case, the three guitars speak again: a beautiful bluesy intro by Fred Chapellier, covered in Rocky Gresset’s flamenco style, and we’re off! Jacques who fears that, in music, it will be too jazzy, says: VSnothing short of guitar, I must admit. VSthe game is still good. »

The father and son couldn’t help but compare their points of view of the City of Light, which is now converging. “In the past, there were many drag queens in the Bois de Boulogne, now Paris is full of works”, says Jacques today. Thomas, he sang “It’s over the Paris of Audiard”, which is “It’s five hours”.“You came home at five in the morning, and I, what did I do?” » then Thomas asked. “Will you give me a kiss on my bassinet?” “I’m trying to avoid Françoise, your mother”, Jacques replied, “And I climbed the stairs back and forth. » So are the Dutronc.

Keep the bar high

With a decoration of their image. It’s already a piece of furniture of the same class that Thomas has been with on tour for many years. There was also a bar during the two tours of Vieilles Canailles, where, in 2017, Johnny Hallyday rested a bit. Here, it’s different: the bar rather than a recording studio, with guitars hanging on the wall, glowing signs and, on a shelf, the image of Tintin’s moon rocket flying. Local color touch on Atomium background.

“Don’t do it, don’t do that”, “I like girls”, “The playboys”, “The opportunist”, “The cacti”: none of these songs are fifty years old . If Jacques Dutronc put his stamp on it, when above all he was a composer, Jacques Lanzman and his wife Anne Segalen wrote these definitive texts, offbeat and often still relevant:

“No, I never argued

Neither complaint nor protest

Only one move I know of

To change my jacket, to put my jacket back

Always on the right side »

A little home philosophy

As for the songs of Thomas, the wind to the left, it is often part of an expressed Dutronian philosophy, such as “Tomorrow”: “And why now,

What can I do tomorrow ”. The concert, all in collaboration with father and son Dutronc, still hid some jewelry, such as this “Gentleman burglar” with Rocky’s only gypsy guitar, followed by “Le petit jardin” which, in 1972, regretted already in Paris by Michel Audiard.

In this carefully crafted orchestra but with a skilled hand by pianist Éric Legnini, Fred Chapellier re-illuminates the instrumental “Fort Chabrol”, style of Shadows. Composed by Jacques in 1962 for the group Les Fantômes, this title became two years later “Le temps de l’amour”, the success of Françoise Hardy.

For the love of Francoise

A singer and mother who was very present on the Dutronc tour. Thomas made the point of translating Françoise’s two favorite titles: “Sesame” and the amazing “Aragon”, composed by David Chiron, into a poem in which Léo Ferré was also inspired by the song “Est-ce comme que men live? »in 1961. As for Françoise, Jacques will launch again “I hope you all like it”before there was evidence that it was publicly united.

In an interview, Thomas told us that, as a child, he did not know that his father was a guitarist and that “he was the one who played his records. Friday night, after the concert, between two puffs of havana and a few swigs in the famous Bordeaux, Jacques told us that at first he did not know that Thomas was singing and that, when he heard him for the first time, he saw it. “something Charles Trenet, very gay, very musical. Of course, these two, these three, have a life that is not very simple. But if that is the case in the end, full of love and tenderness beyond undeniable talent, for sure , the game is worth the candle.

Dutronc & Dutronc at Forest National on Tuesday December 13, 2022.

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