Chris Hemsworth has finally revealed when the Marvel movie is about to end

On July 13, fans of mcu discover the long -awaited Thor: Love and Thunder. The last blockbuster where Chris Hemsworth will he lend his form to the God of thunder? To look at his recent statementsnothing seems to have been put in stone …

Thor: Love and Thunderplot details

After months of waiting, fans around the world will meet in theaters on July 13, the day of the release of Thor: Love and Thunder. The opportunity for them find Chris Hemsworth as God of Thunder. Directed by Taika Waititi, the Marvel Studios blockbuster will focus on the character’s quest for inner peace after the events of Avengers: Last Game. Unfortunately, this sweet stop will be interrupted by Gorr, the executioner of the gods (Christian Bale).

Incarnated on screen by Christian Bale, this villain, is presented as the film’s major antagonist, aroused the curiosity of the fans. If the latter bets big on his appearance, his demonic personality must convince more than one. Because yes, if some people have a hard time claiming it, bad people are sometimes more appreciated than good people! Gorr harbored a deep hatred of the Gods because his family, as well as his planet, had disappeared. He has long prayed for all kinds of holiness that they came to his aid, in vain. After finding the All Black Sword, he finally found it a sufficient way to avenge those who left him.

To help him defeat this evil creature, Thor may surround himself with his friends, Korg and Miek, but also with Jane Foster, his former partner.. The first time Chris Hemsworth played God of Thunder against Natalie Portman was 11 years ago. A way to close the loop? For weeks, Chris Hemsworth explained that Thor: Love and Thunder will be his last film under the auspices of Marvel Studios. This is in any case his last contract with them. If we can imagine that it represents a sense of freedom without a name, is he ready to completely leave the cape of the superhero?

Is Chris Hemworth ready to part with Thor forever?

On June 27, during an interview given by the microphonePlus-TV, he seems to be confused about his future at MCU. “Let’s see what the fans want. I’m willing to do anything to have fun and have fun, and that’s what this Marvel world experience has become for me.” With reporters from firstthe actor was immediately more optimistic:“Every time we make a new feature film with Thor, I think about what we can do to be new with this character. Really amazing scripts, going in a new direction. Otherwise, I’m afraid to repeat myself. But given what happens in Thor: Love and Thunder, anything is possible. ”

A few days after these various declarations, Has Chris Hemsworth decided on his future at MCU? Dealing withmorethe interpreter of the God of Thunder first returns with nostalgia for his experience as Thor: “I love what I’m going through. I feel energized from day one.” As he explains, he is always excited about changing his role and for good reason, every experience is different: “I’m lucky to have different directors, writers and actors who also bring different stories and energy to the films.” Chris Hemsworth immediately took the opportunity to deliver his long -awaited verdict: “Until the audience and the fans tell me ‘we’ve had enough of you’, then I’ll take over this role. It’s the most fun!”

A series centered on Thor, a practical project?

Already at the helm of his fourth film, the actor has already admitted Touring again with Natalie Portman introduced her to a deep sense of nostalgia. And for good reason, between the first film Thor and the fourth, eleven years later. As he explained to the Australian media nowat that time, he has no vision of his future : “The first time I played Thor against Natalie Portman, and it was one of my first jobs, and I kept thinking I was going to be fired, or whatever. It wouldn’t work, or the fans wouldn’t accept. My version of character. “

If Chris Hemworth is ready to return to the skin of the God of Thunder, on what project will we find him? Maybe in a few years he’ll be in a avenger 5or could he be the lead in his own series? The latest project seems less exciting, if we rely on the statements made to our colleagues from first : “A TV series, I have the impression that it’s one hell of a commitment, more of a movie. So now, I want to tell you that the idea worries me a little!” It won’t close the door on all the events, but the main thing is that this won’t be the last time fans will see Chris Hemsworth in Thor’s skin!

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