Why is the town of Ussel (Corrèze) moving against the departure of two teachers?

Wednesday night, the Ussel municipal council ended with a unanimous vote on a motion proposed unanimously by the majority and the opposition. The municipal council generally opposed a decision by the Corrèze Academic Inspectorate of National Education that, at the beginning of the school year, trainee teachers would replace two teachers from the Ussello schools of La Jaloustre and Jean. -Jaurès giving discharge


Parents are concerned about the safety of children

In a letter sent to Dominique Malroux, director of services at the National Education department (Dasen) on June 23, parents of students at both schools called her: “It looks like the teaching team is each of our establishments will be damaged.Lisa Cédileau and Alexandre Morin, who occupy the positions of completely removing the directors of our establishments, are called to leave being warned too late (though) too late if they are too involved and invested in the life of our schools in recent years and for the coming year.These management removals have been used in these two establishments for many years and, to date, have never been questioned, so we are surprised, “they wrote. They were concerned about the consequences of these two abandonment of educational follow-up on planned projects and called for the” strength of children “sus ihon the decision.

Map of the future school: where are the classes that will open and those that will close in Corrèze schools?

Council criticizes “a brutal decision”
During the municipal council, elected officials unanimously voted for a motion to this effect, criticizing “an unacceptable decision and procedure”. “There was no information and the decision was brutal for both teachers,” said Sandra Delibit, assistant in charge of school affairs. “We are fighting to bring the families to Ussel. These two teachers have been installed and now National Education is asking them to go elsewhere. It is not possible.»

For her part, the academic director of the national education service Dominique Malroux explained this decision by applying the rules that have been enforced “for many years”.

A simple application of the rule, for National Education
“Teachers who replace directors with a discharge hold the position, but the specifics of these positions are that each year they have to participate in the movement to figure out how to charge, if they are to remain in a full-time or not.The composition of these positions is redefined every year.Two teachers from Ussel are aware of this rule and know that they have to participate in the movement of the poles.In previous years, they have participated , not this year for their own reasons, but they know their situation is unsustainable, ”Dominique Malroux explained.
Dasen, who was caught up in the Ussel mayor’s questioning and received a letter from the students ’parents, confirmed that two trainee teachers will arrive at the start of the school year in Ussel. “We have reserved posts in Corrèze to set up trainees who are placed in discharge posts, so these are two Ussel posts. It’s a rule that everyone knows,” he explained, noting that both teachers who held two positions in Ussello until then were “reassigned to two positions in Corrèze.»

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