The Road Avoidance association will relaunch their actions for Vierzon students

The Road Prevention association will continue their activities with students in Vierzon, as part of road safety education. “After a two-year hiatus, we will re-launch the challenge for the CE2-CM1, CM1 and CM1-CM2 classes in Vierzon, around the theme of Knowledge how to ride a bike”, explained Patrick Angel , delegate to the association department. ..

As part of the national Know how to ride a bike program

Twenty-eight classes, or nearly 600 students, will participate in this event. This challenge, which is being actively prepared, “is part of the national Knowledge how to ride a bike program. In the same way as the Savoir nager program, children need to know how to ride a bike before entering 6th grade,” he said. by Patrick Angel.

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The challenge will begin in March and continue until May. Theoretical lessons will be given by the school teachers. Then, road safety volunteers will take the lead on the practical side of cycling at their site, in the Paul-Langevin community center. “Volunteers and a national or municipal police officer will accompany the teachers by organizing, with them, a day of road education by bicycle”, added the delegate of the association’s department.

Speakers will also evaluate the behavior of each of the classes in terms of good citizenship, courtesy, respect for instruction, attention, kindness and participation.

Workshops around the elements of safety, maneuverability and circulation, but also questions, will be offered to students. “We have all the necessary equipment (bicycles, helmets, etc.). And we will use the road education system that has been completely redesigned in the town of Vierzon, where we have a very good partnership, ”Patrick Angel stressed.

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At the end of the challenge, “all participating classes will be rewarded. Road Safety volunteers will go to each establishment to present class prizes and the nominative certificate of participation. Speakers will also evaluate the behavior of each of the classes in terms of good citizenship, courtesy, respect for instruction, attention, kindness and participation. At the conclusion of the interventions, a class will receive the Road Safety Civics award during an official presentation by the mayor and colleagues, ”Patrick Angel explained.

Actions also for companies and seniors

“Safety education and road safety are important. And we offer actions to all audiences. Not just children, even if they have a priority. We also work with companies to raise employee awareness on telephone topics. , alcohol, drugs, but also to the elderly through community social action centers and senior citizens clubs. We are open to all suggestions, just ask us, ”said the department delegate. organized with teaching aids and simulation tools such as the rollover car, the testochoc or the alcohol goggles.

Other awareness-raising actions, aimed at the general public, were also implemented. “On March 6, we will offer a bicycle management course as part of events around Paris-Nice. And we will put a road safety education track at the next fair-exhibition in Vierzon. Road safety is important: the our goal is to reduce accidents in every way, ”Patrick Angel explained.

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