“The Landscapers” by Ed Sinclair: between series and author cinema

Recently arriving on Canal +’s MyCanal streaming platform, this mini-series created by Ed Sinclair is a true cinematic gem of deep versatility. It features Olivia Colman and David Thewlis as Susan and Christopher Edwards, a couple who became headlines in Britain a few years ago…

From the very first moments, a few sentences immerse us in the serious, serious and real nature of the series: “In 2014, Susan and Christopher Edwards were found guilty of murder. They were sentenced to lifetime, with a 25 -year security period. ” […] “It’s a story true.Originally filmed as a 60s black and white film, the first shots immediately broke down the fourth wall of motionless actors, the director says “Action Rain” (to emulate the rainy season) before saying “Action!” actors and extras.What also brings us into the intended atmosphere is the fact that we arrive at the exact moment that Olivia Colman’s character calls a lawyer from prison.Then we see this kind and unadorned woman, polite and eternally kind amidst the cold of the detention cells … a huge difference.

The story is simple: Susan and Christopher Edwards live in France, in Lille. They lived in very precarious conditions, barely enough to eat and lived in a dirty and almost empty apartment, an apartment where they had recently moved in but could no longer rent. For his part, David Thewlis ’character, Christopher has no job. He goes from interview to interview but his French is not good enough to get a job here. The only thing he has is the completely unconditional love of his wife Susan, the only one who trusts him …
As for her, Susan spends most of her time taking care of her, cooking for her, ironing her shirts for her indefinite interviews … The only things that shake this kind woman are related collections.of the old films of his youth. A cinematic enthusiast, he spent almost everything the couple collected on posters and other items. Inside, she was a broken and very weak woman. He’s only calm when he sees westerners and other films that focus on his childhood.

“The Landscapers”

Very quickly, we found out that something had happened years ago… This matter was not directly mentioned by the couple but its seriousness was not hidden from us. It was in time (which in other words was very quick), the suspense won over us. Very heavy with conscience and wanting to borrow money, Christopher’s character decides to share the “thing” with his father’s wife, his mother-in-law, who is quick to warn the British police.

From there, the director finally decided to ease this heavy suspense on us by revealing the phone message from the mother-in-law to the police. And here we learn that he confessed to her that he buried both of his wife’s parents in their own garden, in Mansfield…

It’s not good to continue this summary because as you can understand, suspension is one of the things that makes the series serious and significant. However, it’s not just the action itself that inspires us and that’s what makes the series unique and exciting. In fact, there are many other factors that elevate this series to the same ranking as the cinema car …

On the one hand the shots are (should be said) unique… their colors, their variations and so on, all contribute to the great singularity of the series. Whether it’s a camera movement, or the colors of a shot (including some in black and white). It takes a long time to list all the things that make these plans unique because there are so many of them.

“The Landscapers”

The music of composer Arthur Sharpe also highlights everything that makes this series unique and unique. With a perfect osmosis between atmosphere and music.

What makes this series what it is is also its versatility

Among the ranks; touching or even sad, those we laugh at, those filled with romance and those that lead us to ask ourselves what really happened, going through the shots like a west, we are always in a strong- on mixing genres. , so understand that you will always be surprised.

However, the series clearly remains something even more dramatic that will move you more than once, to have a cool …

“The Landscapers”

In short, The Landscapers it’s an incredible romance, shots, sets, music, characters and actors. A good screenplay singularity that brings telescope questions to the minds of the viewers. All of this is sublimated in the play by two perfect actors in their respective roles.

A must-see series!

Charles Valmorin

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