Sex education: places and resources to learn

Sometimes as parents, you may not be the best interlocutors for your children, it can be interesting to pass the baton to a third party, without interrupting communication.

Homes for teenagers

-> addresses can be found at

The traveling van from “In the car Nina and”

The general practitioner

The school nurse

As parents should also state reliable sources of sexuality questions for their children

On the Web

As parents should also state reliable sources of sexuality questions for their children

The very complete site, the site for young people on youth sexuality, is a website designed under the aegis of Public Health France, a public establishment under the supervision of the Ministry responsible for health. The content was written with the participation of twelve institutional or associative partners: the General Directorate of Health, Sida-Info-Servic, the French Movement for Family Planning, Solidarité Sida, National Education, the National Institute of Youth and Popular Education (Injep) , the Sexual Health and Human Rights Chair of UNESCO …

The website information on youth in Hauts-de-France

an app

Good on my sexuality, an application set up by the Hauts-de-France ARS to get information about sexuality.


The National Green Number Sexualities, contraception, abortion on 0800 08 11 11

The 3220 green number (free) “Not to harass”

3018 is the new national number for young victims of digital violence


Consent to tea is a short 2.50 minute video, made by Blue Seat Studios that is accessible to all and educational to explain the consent of sexual intercourse.

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Little girla documentary on transidentity. “When I grow up, I’m going to be a girl,” Sasha has said since the age of three. Despite her young age, Sasha felt like a girl for many years. This touching documentary film follows the daily life of a seven-year-old child and his family’s constant struggle to understand his difference. »

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Préliminaires is a documentary about adolescent sexuality. “In the age of social networks, the first kiss gives way to bad deeds, real rituals of passing into adulthood. Teenagers and young people testify to their first sexual experiences. Instructive and touching. »

Sex Education Option is a documentary. At a high school in the suburbs of Paris, a dozen teenagers, in general or professional second grade, attended a lesson like no other: sex education options.

The English comedy series sex education
: Otis, a teenage virgin who lives with her sexologist mother, is trained by rebel Maeve to create an underground sex therapy cell inside their high school.

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In reading

– Books from Talents Hauts publishing house for “books that challenge received ideas”.

– My children why, Zizis and zezettes, from 3 to 6 years old. Female or male, each on their own … with their specific tools! From modesty to embarrassment or the desire to laugh, to go through joy and the first ideas of intimacy, this “Little why” answers all of young children’s questions, simply and accurately.

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-Max and Lili want to know all about children, written by Dominique de Saint-Mars and Serge Bloch, a book aimed at 6 to 12 years old, which talks about “life, love and how to make children, to show that you are normally just curious about sexuality, even if it stays intimate.It comes with realism and humor, the passing of life, the knowledge of one’s body and the mystery of our existence on earth.

– The guide to sexual willy, written by Hélène Bruller and illustrated by Zep (father of Titeuf). This book discusses harmony, identity, diversity, with illustrated chapters and educational texts.

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