Pierre-Jean Chalençon confessed his relationship with a famous singer, “He is the man of my life”

Placed in police custody a few days later and then released, Pierre-Jean Chalencon continues to make headlines. In fact, investigators continue to be interested in these secret dinners that could have been organized at his Palais Vivienne. Another question also seems to be at the heart of the investigations. Everyone wants to know if ministers or personalities are present these nights. It is true that the collector has an impressive address book. Plus, he didn’t hide his friendship with some big stars. One of them seemed to mean a lot to him: “He’s the man of my life” . Objeko so back to you with this amazing statement.

Pierre-Jean Chalencon : a singer who was very important to him

A story far from over

as Objeko it was revealed to you in the previous article, Pierre-Jean Chook the fish theyou are inside chaos. In fact, the former buys theThe deal is over found himself at the heart of a story that made a lot of noise. As a reminder, a report aired on M6 revealed the existence of secret dinners in the heart of Paris. According to several testimonials, the meals were organized wisely in areas hidden from the eyes. These social and paid evenings can have famous personalities as guests: maybe more ministers!

Of course, the scandal came out. Pierre-Jean Chalencon therefore directly blamed on this story. Thus he himself would organize those nights at his Palais Vivienne. Interrogations on the subject, his denials do notthere however, it does not seem to convince viewers or investigators. This is why justice then has a close interest in him. April 8, 2021 at 6:00 pmthe police so went to his house to conduct the search. Pierre-Jean Chalençon was immediately brought in to be heard by the authorities. According to a recent testimony, Michel looks-like Polnareff would have cooperated with the police.

Pierre-Jean Chalençon: Who attended that night?

From the beginning of this event, rumors about the presence of ministers or stars at these dinners began to spread. True Pierre-Jean Chalencon always boasted of having a connection from the stars to the highest peak in the state. Recently, he also said he knew some senators very well, and even ministers in office. Next to the stars of the song or the cinema, many numbers can be found in the directory of his phone. Since then, the presence of celebrities in her very chic dishes has been aroused.

Yes, Pierre-Jean Chalencon constantly rubbing the shoulders with the gratin. In an interview, she explained why, at a very young age, she had the opportunity and was happy to meet the very best. “My father was a journalist at Europe 1 and at ORTF and invited many friends, each more famous than the other, to the house for endless meals. At first, I looked at them with admiration. Then by force, they almost became part of my family. This is how I became so close to Thierry Le Luron, Coluche, Régine or even Charles Trenet who especially marked me. Objeko explain how …

A very important meeting

Pierre-Jean Chalencon the singer would have been very close. “I had the opportunity to meet Charles in 1987. I am only 15 years old. As for Napoleon, I am without a doubt his biggest fan. And I have a few things that belong to him. But the greatest treasure he passed on to me was his general knowledge. If I was there now, thank him. We almost released a record together, where we made imitations. Unfortunately, it remains in draft form. When I wanted to be a comedian, Charles said to me one day: ‘You be Monsieur Napoleon ‘. And he was right. I owe him everything, he is the man of my life.

Pierre-Jean Chalencon so seems very grateful to Charles Trenet for showing him the way and for opening him to a love of beautiful things. So the collector spent his life collecting the most beautiful pieces about the emperor, but also about the singer. Someone who has therefore proven to be important capital for one who is now making headlines for other reasons. A good media exposure that seems in any case not to upset Pierre-Jean Chalencon. He even enjoyed the situation a few hours after his custody. By claiming that this case identifies the Palais Vivienne “from Moscow to New York” !

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