Destinations to find love this summer according to your sign

Aries: Crete

What does Aries need in the summer to decompress? Sun, friends, atmosphere and lots of good humor. That’s all there is to it Crete, an island in Greece that has gained more and more influence in terms of tourism over the past few years now. Paradise beaches, water parks, 4-star all-inclusive hotelgarden drowned in palm trees… are the only necessities to relax his burning personality, and thus help him meet without the pitfalls one would make him dream.

CRETE – Panormo


From 369 euros

Taurus: Dominican Republic

Even if they want their comfort zone, Taurus is not a complicated sign. On the contrary, he always adapts very well to all situations. So for him it’s a summer trip, whatever the destination: as long as you eat well! He was advised to leave the side of Dominican Republic. Between the two dinners and the swimming pool session, we bet he’ll meet the same person. culinary passions for him.




From 909 euros

Gemini: Kos

Finding love is not an easy task. And a little more for Gemini who would sometimes suffer from his lack of self-confidence. One day white, the next day black. What we advised him: a trip away, in the sun, in a less touristy place rather than preferred summer destinations. A place where he can recharge his batteries, and organize his thoughts. It is often said that positivity attracts people: take notes, Gemini!

KOS - Kardamena

KOS – Kardamena


From 499 euros

Cancer: Mallorca

Sensitive, emotional, enthusiastic, creative… ang CANCER not the first Water sign in the zodiac for no reason. With him, everyone is in romance, which always takes him on tortuous paths. On the side of feelings: either it’s rolling, or it’s a disaster. Our destination tip: Majorca, for its beaches and festive atmosphere. Because Cancer is always easier and more confident when surrounded and meeting new people.

MALLORCA - Can Pastilla

MALLORCA – Can Pastilla


From 279 euros

Leo: Maldives

Leo likes to shine in society, and be noticed. Kylie Jenner, Coco Chanel, Charlize Theron… all these influential and powerful women were born under this sign of fire. To find love in the summer, we can find only one solution: a crowded place where he can meet people. One thinks here, if need be explained, in the Maldives. All in one upgraded all inclusive hotel, with Instagrammable activities and moments of relaxation at the hotel’s spas, beaches and swimming pools. Who says better?

MALDIVES - Noonu Atoll

MALDIVES – Noonu Atoll


From 2,759 euros

Virgo: Egypt

Whether in the office or on vacation on the other side of the world, the VIRGIN only comfortable in environments where it learns. For a summer trip that suits him, and at a time when he is sure to find his twin flames, we recommend Egypt. With a rich history dating back to the time of the pharaohs, the Virgin will submit to bright beauty of Hurghada. Not to mention the 4-star Sphinx Aqua Park Beach Resort, an alliance of modernity and calm.

EGYPT - Hurghada

EGYPT – Hurghada


From 469 euros

Libra: Mauritius

Loving and always at the forefront of trends, the balance is also in his element when he knows he can please others. If over time he stays, the fact remains that the criticisms of others can shape his personality. To find love this summer 2022, we recommend the beauty of Mauritius. also Instagrammable rather than relaxation, this island paradise now offers a stay in the heart of the 3-star Laguna Beach Hotel & Spa, nestled between the mountains of Grand-Port and a pristine sandy beach.

MAURITIUS - Great River

MAURITIUS – Great River


From 1,149 euros

Scorpio: Tunisia

Very critical of others and of himself, the Scorpio seems unreachable in the winter. But when summer comes, and the good condition of the people is seen, it is much easier to get. During hot seasons this Water sign has the best chance of finding a soul mate, especially since it takes great joy to be noticed. Our travel tip: Tunisia, for swimming in clear water and the many activity styles offered by the 3-star Houda Golf & Beach Club.

TUNISIA - Monastir

TUNISIA – Monastir


From 179 euros

Sagittarius: United Arab Emirates

Of the 12 signs of the zodiac, the Sagittarius very clearly the most fond of freedoms. Don’t think of forcing him one day to be a homemaker: it’s a waste of time. In the summer, we like to advise singles to go to an unusual and very trendy place. Why not, frankly, in Dubai. In the heart of Rixos The Palm Dubai 5 starsSagittarius will enjoy the periwinkle waters of the Persian Gulf and the luxurious corners of the influencers ’favorite city.




From 1,185 euros

Capricorn: Turkey

Above the ground, Capricorn likes the simple things of life. When he had to choose a trip, it was the same thing: as long as the sun and the place of relaxation were available. So that he would put all opportunity on his side find love this summer (for a night or for life), we recommend Turkey. Our favorite: the 5-star hotel in Izmir, with a panoramic sea view for holidays that have your feet on the water.




From 409 euros

Aquarius: Mexico

Same with Sagittarius, Aquarius loves freedom. This very industrious Air sign is also able to spend all his savings on one trip, with one goal: “to enjoy life”. So, if he has to end the month without a cover, he can also do it in a beautiful setting worthy of it. Like Mexico. Amidst the heavenly beaches, huge swimming pools, blazing sun and breathtaking views, the picture is perfect for this sign to also see its twin flames.

MEXICO - Playa del Carmen

MEXICO – Playa del Carmen


From 959 euros

Fish: Cuba

Sensitive and emotional, the Pisces an attractive sign if you know it well. What she needs in the summer: to be surrounded by people she trusts. For a successful vacation, and buried celibacy, we recommend a exotic destinations like Cuba. What we found for him: 5 nights in Varadero, on the north coast of Cuba, in a 5-star hotel.

CUBA - Varadero

CUBA – Varadero


From 1,155 euros

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