Darko Perić: biography of the actor from La Casa de Papel

Darko Perić is a Serbian -born actor best known for playing the role of Helsinki in the web cult series The House of Pcall (sa English Kuwarta Heist). This role earned him an Emmy Award along with other actors in the series. He has been in the entertainment industry since 2010. In addition to being an outstanding actor, he teaches Qigong around the world through master classes. Now a married man, the famous actor remains low profile when it comes to his private life.

Darko Peric
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Darko Peric is introduced

Date of Birth Friday, March 25, 1977
Age 45 years (2022)
Sign rum
Place of birth Kladovo, Borski, Serbia
work actor
CUT OFF 1.87m

Biography of Darko Peric

Darko Perič was born on March 25, 1977. He grew up in Yugoslavia, now Serbia. Fascinated by theater from childhood, he still remembers a village singer inviting him to go on stage. Perić is only five years old, but he already knows what he wants to do with his future. She started acting in elementary school. At the age of 14, he was ready to be accepted into the best animation school in the country. When war broke out, not only his artistic desires, but the entire country, were put to the test. His first cinema interaction was in Bucharest, Romania.

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Darko Perić drew small drawings with students at the Theater and Film Academy. A few years later, in the Balkans, he decided to seek new experiences elsewhere. His first stop was in Berlin, Germany. There he discovered the secret theater and the world of cinema. Perić has worked with several small films, games and films around the world. He then moved to Barcelona, ​​where he now lives. He returned to the country where he was born, which no longer existed. He currently works with renowned directors and producers in Spain. Her dreams when she was young on stage were formed.

There are many successful actors who only discover their love of acting later in life. But this is not the case with Darko. He was only six years old when he realized he wanted to be an actor. She was inspired after a singer invited her on stage to sing Guantanamera.

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Darko Peric
Darko Peric
Source: Instagram

Filmography by Darko Peric

  • Suicide bomber (2014)
  • A Perfect Day (2015)
  • It’s Now or Not (2015)
  • Personal guarantee (2016)
  • Father earth (2017)
  • homeland (2017)
  • Below the techo itself (2019)
  • Gas Lights (2019)
  • Cerro de los Dioses is a mountain (2019)

Darko Peric saKuwarta Heist

Darko began his professional career in Spain in 2008, starring in television series. Prior to that, he lived in Serbia, Romania and Germany, where he acted in numerous independent short films and plays.

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But the Serbian-born actor’s life changed when he landed the role of Helsinki, a badass with a heart of gold, in the Netflix thriller series about a bank robbery. Darko Perić got in 2017 this role in the original series titled Kuwarta Heist (The Paper House in Quebec).

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Darko Peric
Darko Peric
Source: Instagram

Darko Peric’s tattoo

If you are an avid fan ofKuwarta Heist, you may have noticed that he is a tattoo enthusiast. Darko Perić paints many parts of his body with various meaningful prints.

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The tattoo we will never forget is the big polar bear on his big belly. Also, he has several other stamps painted on his arms, shoulders, and biceps. She even shared it on her Instagram when she painted her left arm on New Year’s Eve 2017.

Darko Peric
Darko Peric
Source: Instagram

Darko Peric’s wife

Darko Perić, 42, has been married to his longtime girlfriend for several years. Roxi is her name, according to some sources. He didn’t want his wife to be exposed to the fire of his fame, so he remained wise about her. She did not reveal her name nor is she often seen in public with her husband. Fans fully respect the privacy of the actor’s wife, but want to know it in the future.

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