A place to meet people and find love?

The metaverse can make deep and meaningful connections. According to one report, 83% of global consumers think it brings people together. That’s why dating apps and hookup platforms are looking to the metaverse as the next place to find and celebrate love.

Today, there are many dating applications that offer users unique experiences to find love. By 2021, the number of its users worldwide will exceed the 300 million mark. This number is expected to rise faster. In fact, more advanced technologies are opening the way for metaverse encounters.

The “metaverse”, the internet buzzword, is a 3D version of the internet. It includes a network of virtual worlds that enable multi-sensory experiences such as shopping, real estate investing, gaming and live concerts. It’s often misinterpreted as a kind of dystopian video game. But it’s even bigger than that. And he has already entered the former sphere. What do the relationships in this space look like? What are the interests of metaverse dating? And what is the future of metaverse dating?

What do metaverse encounters look like?

During a metaverse encounter, you don’t have to leave your bed. You don’t have to drop your dog in your friend’s apartment. And you don’t have to take a bath anymore because you go on a date in the metaverse. Basically, you just have to put on your VR headset. In addition to VR equipment, it is a must wear and haptic gloves and a wearable device that mimics the tactile sensations of virtual objects. You can decide that any available area in the metaverse to meet you.

Now imagine that you are waiting for your meet at an outdoor cafe. You look up and you see a beautiful woman wearing a skirt and buttoned shirt walking towards you. He waits at you and joins you. You two have a good time and then the waiter shows up with a bill. At the end of the meeting, he puts his hand on your hand, of course through haptic gloves. By taking her home, you plan to ask her out on another date (this time is real). But your subconscious stops you from saying, “Don’t rush things, wait for his message.” And you abandoned the idea. This is what metaverse dating looks like.

Coming to the metaverse, a lot of interest

It must be said that romantic encounters in the metaverse are not lacking in interest. Here are a few.

An increase in risk taking, according to Paul Brunson

Paul Brunson is one famous relationship expert. She is best known for her role as a love doctor in the British reality series Celebs Go Dating and on the show Married at First Sight. Brunson thinks that dating in the metaverse will lead to “increased risk taking.” It does not refer to dangerous risks. He said, you can can no longer do certain things in the metaverse than in real life. And that’s essential to making a relationship work, to get closer to someone and learn.

Few rules to follow

love and dating in the metaverse, fewer rules to follow

If you’re preparing for a first date in real life, you have it tendency to think too hard. You lasted choose a nice dress. Some people even practice all the good manners at the table before the time of the date. But during metaverse encounters, no it is not necessary to follow these rules.

In meta-encounters, you set your own rules, you choose your look. All you have to do is choose your avatar carefully or try creating an avatar that really fits your character. Metaverse dating allows you to meet your date in a virtual world where you can getting an incredible amount of information about what the person thinks of you.

It is better to close the door

Aaron Kizer, COO of VR app developer FireFlare Games, says, “There’s no need to sit even longer on a long first date after seeing that. you are not interested in the first few minutes “.

On a virtual reality date, you can easily tell if you want someone else’s company. The best part is that you can do it without investing a lot of time or energy. Plus, you can avoid the rejection associated with first dates.

A metaverse meeting to avoid the risk of physical attack

Metaverse dating seems unreal. But at least the participants no need to face physical attacks. However, metaverse platforms are not immune to virtual “physical” attack. This is why metaverse companies, such as Meta, are implementing measures such as personal limit function to avoid this situation.

Applications to enhance romantic encounters in the metaverse

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of dating apps in the metaverse. The most popular are:


The popular online dating platform Tinder is aimed to help singles meet in the metaverse. Thus, he created an application to create an immersive dating ecosystem. The “Review” section. includes live experiences and an economy based on virtual objects. As a result, users can pay to participate using Tinder’s new built-in currency, Tinder Coins.

Tinder’s long-term goals for the Explore section have progressed to responding to the evolution of the dating market. And singles keep going online when pandemic bans avoid face-to-face meetings.


Applications for metaverse dating

The online dating site, Match, was born in April 1995. It extends its offer to more than 50 countries, with 12 different languages. With more than 25 years of experience, the company continues to grow. As a result, Match announced that it was starting in the metaverse, highlighting digital avatars and building an economy based on virtual objects.

Tinder’s parent company, Match, thought for a long time when deciding to launch later augmented and virtual reality featuresas well as Tinder coins in the app.


Want to find love in the metaverse? Nevermet lets you enjoyed love and friendship with metaverse avatars. The developers point out that no personal photos are allowed on the platform. In addition, the Profiles are controlled by a moderator. Without the actual profile photo, other factors come into play in the metaverse relationship, such as someone’s voice.

The rest of Nevermet is more familiar to those who have used dating apps, such as Tinder and similar dating platforms. The users create a profile and specify the gender and age group they want to date. Instead of providing physical shelter, they enter a virtual address. Locations go by names like Rec Room, Horizon Worlds, and VRChat.

Nevermet is not just reserved for romantic quarrels. You can also use the platform making new friends. Note that the platform was created by Solaris Nite and Cam Mullen. Both also work with other virtual reality applications such as Cheerio, Anywhere and Sopa.

Planet Theta

Planet Theta for a metaverse encounter

Planet Theta is the world’s first VR dating app. He suggests customized avatars and apartmentsseveral themed bars, dance clubs, cafes, toys, theater, tropical beaches, a magical enchanted forest and much more.

Planet Theta is available in many languages ​​around the world. It’s made by Unreal Engine and works on most headsets but is optimized for Oculus Quest 2. And of course, it’s only for adults.

Metaverse Marriages

Virtual love is no longer limited to dating apps. Now interested parties can get married in the metaverse. The New York Times reports several weddings organized on digital platforms specialist in virtual events. By illustration, a couple celebrates their wedding at virtual platform for work and events Virbela.

An avatar walks the bride down the aisle. Another avatar toasted the happy couple and twin avatar, just 7 years old, served as ring bearer and flower girl. Friends and family members joined the event, all as virtual avatarsand immersed in live reception.

Another platform, called Allseated, is creating virtual versions of popular event spaces for upcoming metaverse nuptials. The company’s founder Sandy Hammer didn’t see it there is no limit to the possibilities of virtual weddings. “A bride can bring her guests into the metaverse,” he said. Truth be told, the metaverse is evolving to develop real connections through new platforms that support intimate ceremonies and communication.

The future of metaverse dating

love, dating and metaverse

Fear of face-to-face encounters has increased since the start of the global pandemic. And it has an impact on the love life of most people. Similarly, with the rise of the metaverse, it is possible to discover more personalities in each other. a secure virtual space before connecting to real life.

Avatars can be artificial. but the emotions you feel when you interact in the metaverse it’s the same as how you feel when people are in your personal space. In this sense, there is a blurred line between online dating and real life dating.

Metaverse dating will usher in a new era of virtual dating. Applications powered by advanced technologies will allow people make real human connections in a safe and secure virtual environment. Sound can be spatial. The video can be immersive. And video dating will change as far as we know. Metaverse encounters will allow find true love online.

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