What are Pap Ndiaye’s 5 priorities?

“I am pleased to write to you directly, with the duty of a ministry that has built not only my career, but shaped my life”, began Pap Ndiaye in his letter to all teachers, Monday June 27, 2022 It applies on the website of the Ministry of National Education and Youth.

The Minister of Education appointed on May 20 by Emmanuel Macron, wrote: “I would like to share with you some of the main challenges of our ministry. It’s not a detailed road map, but the major strategic directions we can take. ”Pap Ndiaye identified five areas in general, including social inequalities, the re-evaluation of the teaching profession, good students, basic knowledge as well as the question of ecology.

1. Fight against social inequality at school

“The first axis is to fight against social inequality”, he began. Pap Ndiaye acknowledged that “the school strives to give everyone the same opportunity to succeed”. The Minister then assured in his letter that his department would go “strengthen what already exists, change if necessary, so that inequalities can be better overcome in school.”

“I have a responsibility to manage the drama of injustice that is being fed into our school system by not allowing the poorest to hope to change their social status.”, He added.

2. Emphasize basic knowledge: French and math

Pap Ndiaye will continue to “giving priority to French and mathematics“, as he assured in his letter. The minister also confirmed that Mathematics will be part of the common core of the first class “from this beginning of the school year” to “provide all students with a common base of mathematical knowledge and skills useful in their social and professional lives.” The minister also wants to “promote reading”.

3. Preserving the welfare of the student in the school

“Every child should feel welcomed, preserved from degrading speeches, encouraged”, wrote Pap Ndiaye, who assured that he could be “very attentive to students with disabilities, to pursue their careers and to improving the condition of our staff who support them on a daily basis at school and whose part-time work has always suffered. “

That was written by Pap Ndiaye the school “should allow all personalities to develop and reject any word of intolerance“and that” this spirit of vigilance, of listening, must also be concerned with acts and words of discrimination, racist or anti-Semitic hatred, sexism or sexual violence. ”

The Ministry of Education has indicated that it also needs to “improve the quality of this common time and place. by promoting artistic and cultural education and sports practice. “

4. Involve the school in the ecological issue

“The Ministry of National Education and Youth must engage, in all its dimensions, a strong mobilization” on the question of ecological emergencies, insisted Pap Ndiaye, who wanted “strengthening the school curriculum, teaching the subject. ” On this subject, the Minister determined that he would seize “the Higher Council of programs.”

5. Upgrade the teaching profession by increasing the salary

Pap Ndiaye also admitted to wanting devote “a particular and significant effort to wage increases” to create a “shock of attractiveness” for the teaching profession. It is also “the number one project” according to all teachers ’unions. In an interview given by Parisian on June 25, Pap Ndiaye explained that “the wage increase will be made in two parts: the first is unconditional and applicable to all teachers, including beginners, for whom the starting salary is more than 2000 euros net from 2023 “.

As such, “it is urgent to re-examine the start of careers, but not simply, and to re-launch a realistic recruitment policy. to make the work attractive again“, history teacher Nicolas launched into the RTL microphone on May 21. Pap Ndiaye immediately assured in his letter that he also wanted improving teacher training “throughout their careers”.

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