Top 12 proofs that your man is poisonous, harmful to dog’s life

Life is good, because there’s kibble in your bowl, you’re walking around this morning, your ball is at the foot of your basket and you ate a brain bone two days ago. We can believe there that your daily life is perfect, that you are happy and have every reason to be, but it is possible that your man is completely toxic and that your relationship is just as toxic even if you are not. dangerous dog.

1. He always leaves you alone.

Your man leaves in the morning and returns at night: in the meantime you are alone with your regrets, pillows you are not allowed to touch and most of the accommodation doors are closed.

2. He did not give you love as you gave him.

When he comes home you cover your man with all your love and make him happy, but for him it only lasts two minutes you want this time to last for hours, after all you have been waiting for the whole day screaming in a corner of the apartment like a big loser. Very one-sided than love.

3. He will decide when you can comfort yourself or walk.

Even if you explain to your man that you need to be very quick, he doesn’t want you to be satisfied with it. He tells you when to comfort yourself, and if you dare to do it at home, you go to a three-week sentence. All in all, your boss is really an asshole.

4. You forgot about him in the park

It can happen, after all your man remains a human being: a creature prone to mistakes and wandering and you have to forgive him for this kind of attention. But boring, you stay in the park like a fool eating a branch that maybe he is having fun with another dog. The inday.

5. He dares to scold you if you break his sofa

You were alone all day like a fool at home and when he came home he dared to yell at you when you were just expending your energy on the sofa because your life is really dirty since you are locked in the room all the time. But he didn’t realize that, this man was rude.

6. He hugs you if he wants to, but if you want it is always rejected

The one-sided love from your man is obviously poisonous, on the pretext that you stink, that you resent sin and have fleas this big bastard won’t accept all your hugs and decide when you can do it him.

7. It cuts you off from your surroundings and keeps you from smelling the ass of friends in the park.

Smelly asses are your whole life, even your oxygen. And this rudeness will not hesitate to deprive you of this little pleasure that you cherish so much under the pretext that in his world it is not done. There is no effort to understand the codes of other species of these rude people.

8. He would rather eat out than pay the vet

You are hurt but seem to be affected by one of them not acting on one because he would rather pay for the restaurant or outing than treat you. Be careful, obviously you’re in the wrong direction, the end may not be good for you, so enjoy this ride, it might be your end.

9. He ate the same thing every day for three years.

He can’t bear to eat the same restaurant for two days in a row, but on the other hand, giving you the same croquettes every day for the rest of your life, that won’t bother him, especially since he bought the bad- ad benchmark brand. made from the compote of farm mice this fat stingy.

10. He made you wear silly clothes to take your picture.

You’re not his friend, it’s best that you’re a fluff helping him get some Instagram likes at the cost of your own pain and honor. But hey, it makes his ego proud so don’t complain, eat your croquettes and wait for the last bite … (yes it’s super dark)

11. He feeds you mostly chocolate

It has a signal that is the same, because concretely it’s a little food that will stumble you: if it gives you plenty almost every day it’s even more poisonous, it’s because he’s trying to get you. Maybe you’re looking for it too.

12. He literally cuts your balls.

If you need just one real proof that he hates you and that he is very sadistic, this is it. Cutting someone’s balls is one of the worst things you can do, you really have to be a pretty bastard to hope that the questioner will continue to love you afterwards, but the person does it like his going to the swimming pool.

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