SHIMANO 105 Di2: 12 speed and wireless transmission for all

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Wednesday, June 29, 2022 6:00 pm – News

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In celebration of its 40th anniversary since its first appearance in 1982, SHIMANO’s 105 groups have received the highest evolution with Di2 electronic shifting. An electronic version that has been long awaited. The Shimano 105 R7100 group not only brings the Di2’s performance to a new category of riders, but also offers a wireless 12-speed drivetrain with simplified use and increased reliability at an attractive price.

Riders accustomed to using mechanical drivetrains can now experience the technology and innovations inherited from the new Dura-Ace and Ultegra groups. The Shimano 105 Di2 groupset is the culmination of years of research and development, where reliable wireless shifting, extra gear and a unique braking system mark a new era of performance accessible to all.

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SHIMANO 105 Di2: the science of speed

This group will be available from fall 2022. So there is no need to immediately run to your bike dealer or search for it on the Internet.

With its revolutionary “Digital Integrated Intelligence” (Di2) electronic shifting system launched in 2009, this latest version of the Shimano Di2 platform features remarkable improvements, including wireless cockpit and 12-speed shifting.

All this was done without sacrifice for the fast, accurate and reliable transfer, which all cyclists expect from their Shimano groups. Moving is simple and consistent all the time, every time.

This 105 Di2 group seems to replace, at least by its format, the front derailleur motor of the old Ultegra Di2.

  • A Redesigned Di2 Platform-A completely redesigned Di2 system that offers fast migration in a wireless cockpit design.
  • Maximum drivetrain-Optimized 12-speed shifting for unmatched efficiency and unobtrusive shifting.
  • Redesigned interface and ergonomics – With an optimistic balance between comfort, aerodynamics and aesthetics, the Shimano 105 offers better handling, comfortable ergonomics and a more streamlined cockpit.
  • Improved braking system – Shimano’s new 105 braking system offers a quieter, more responsive and quick -to -maintain package.
  • New carbon wheels – Combining aerodynamics, rigidity, lightness and an affordable price for a carbon wheel and tubeless equivalent.

Wireless where it matters most

The Shimano 105 Di2 uses a hybrid system, consisting of a wireless cockpit combined with a wired connection between a battery stored in the seat tube and the front and rear derailleurs, guaranteeing full reliable in all conditions. And like the DURA-ACE and ULTEGRA, the Shimano 105 Di2 drivetrain is customized using the E-TUBE PROJECT app on your smartphone.

With E-TUBE PROJECT, you can configure your transmission if you want, adjust the shift speed, choose the number of gears to change through a simple control action, and use enabling synchronized or semi-synchronous transfer.

You can also connect your drivetrain to most cycling computers including Garmin and Wahoo allowing you to track selected gear or battery status.

Battery life is also best in class. A charge from the Di2’s main power source provides almost 1,000 km without problems. And unlike other electronic drivetrains, there is only one battery to charge and you don’t have to remove it from the bike to do so. (Smaller, replaceable CR1632 button cell batteries in shifters will last 3.5 to 4 years.)

Also designed interface and ergonomics

The new Dual-Control Shimano 105 levers offer unmatched ergonomics and design that follows feedback from professional cyclists. Raised hand rests and a new shape of the lever improve comfort and control in all riding positions. Braking is also optimized thanks to a smooth lever movement, for more smooth or modulation of the brakes.

The new controllers work with an exclusive Shimano wireless connection that offers fast processing speed and low power consumption. Compare that to other wireless platforms and you get a huge reduction in the possibility of interference, faster gear changes, and extended battery life.

By using a rechargeable battery placed in the frame, charging is simple and the battery is protected, ensuring stable and reliable transfer at all times.

ST-R7170 controls

  • Wireless Di2 connection
  • Dual-Control 2×12-speed levers
  • Raised hand rest for improved ergonomics and aerodynamics
  • Switch control palettes

Advanced transmission technology

Switching to a 12-speed cassette, the Shimano 105 R7100 groups offer a smooth and progressive transfer. This is the result of an optimization of the most used gears. Cassette options are 11-34 and 11-36, and 50-34 and 52-36 dental chainsets. The combination of the two results in hyper-versatile gear ratios, with a 1: 1 ratio.

The new Shimano 105 Di2 components are more compatible behind 11-speed freehub bodies, meaning it can be used on Shimano 11-speed wheels.

As seen by the opposite, the crankset takes on the design of the Ultegra R8100 model.

FC-R7100 Footswitch

  • HOLLOWTECH II cranks
  • 2×12 speed
  • Possible combinations: 50-34 and 52-36 teeth (available later).

Cassette CS-R7100

  • 12 speeds
  • Leave 11 teeth for a fluid staging
  • Newly optimized 12-speed gearing
  • Fits 11-speed freehub body
  • 11-34 teeth
  • 11-12-13-14-15-17-19-21-24-27-30-34

Cassette CS-HG710-12

  • 12 speeds
  • Leave 11 teeth for a fluid staging
  • Fits 11-speed freehub body
  • 11-36 teeth (available later)
  • 11-12-13-14-15-17-19-21-24-28-32-36

RD-R7150 rear derailleur

  • Integrated D-FLY connection
  • 12-speed Di2 technology
  • Fits 11-34 and 11-36 dental cassettes

FD-R7150 front derailleur

  • 12-speed Di2 technology
  • Quick and accurate chainring change

SHIMANO 105 Di2: Braking fixed

Like the latest DURA-ACE and ULTEGRA drivetrains, the new Shimano 105 has a quieter braking system that is easy to maintain, and offers more control and power. The main improvements are shorter lever travel to make point contact faster and a 10% increase in clearance between the pads and rotor to reduce noise.

The mechanics were thankful for the simplification of the bleeding system which was done without removing the caliper from the frame thanks to a separate bleed screw and valve screw.

Brakes BR-R7170

  • Fine control and quiet system
  • + 10% space between pads and disc
  • Simplified bleeding

Shimano 105 Di2 component weight and prices

make Price
Pedalboard € 182.99
12V Di2 rear derailleur € 274.99
Di2 in front of the derailleur € 154.99
Complete disc brake at the front € 362.99
Full disc brake at rear € 362.99
Di2 front lever € 274.99
Di2 rear lever € 274.99
Front disc brake caliper € 82.99
Rear disc brake caliper € 82.99
Cassette 12V 11-34 € 72.99
Overall group rate 1870 €
make Weighted
Pedalboard 765.6g
12V Di2 rear derailleur 302g
Di2 in front of the derailleur 142g
Levers (pair) 423g
Brake lines 110g
Brake calipers (pair) 282g
Cassette 12V 11-34 361g
Battery 53g
Rotors 285.6g
Wiring 19g
chain 252 g
TOTAL 2995.2g

New RS710 carbon wheels

With this in mind to make the latest technologies accessible, Shimano has also launched two pairs of carbon wheels: the C32 for climbing passes and the C46 for versatile use. Both share the DNA of the C36 and C50 Dura-Ace and Ultegra wheels, a perfect balance between aerodynamics, lightness and stiffness.

The C32 model is characterized by a 32mm long rim, 21mm width and a weight of 1502 g. The C46 version has a 46mm high rim, 21mm wide for 1610 g. These wheels are 11 and 12 speed compatible, tubeless and benefit from an attractive design.


  • Lightweight tires for riders where acceleration is required
  • 665g for front wheel, 839g for rear wheel
  • 21mm wide, tubeless rim


  • Versatile wheels for breakaways and more
  • 719g for front wheel, 893g for rear wheel
  • 21mm wide, tubeless rim

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