Live A Live: The remake of a cult JRPG, our opinion of the first three chapters

Game News Live A Live: The remake of a cult JRPG, our opinion of the first three chapters

More recently, in the 1990s, Europe avoided Japanese RPGs. Yes, in the Old Continent, it was the success of games like Final Fantasy VII that pushed the genre. Result: incredible adventures we haven’t released yet, translated. This is exactly the case with Live A Live, a completely unique JRPG where seven scenarios from seven different seasons come together. Ultimately “this” is the case, as the title will arrive soon on the Nintendo Switch. There is even a demo available.

Find above, in auto-play, a Switch gameplay video in the Live A Live demo.

Want your money? What about having seven adventures at the price of one? This was the ambitious starting point for Live A Live, a JRPG that was released in 1994 and that would soon return to the Nintendo Switch in the form of a remake (July 22, 2022). A cult role-playing game is coming for the first time with us with a full French translation. Inevitably, when a demo was announced, we jumped at the chance. The evaluation version is now available in the eShop, and offers an excerpt of three chapters for the 2h – 2h30 session. Note that your progress can be carried over to the full version.

Seven for the price of one

As mentioned in the introduction, Live A Live opts for a strange concept: seven stories that take place seven different seasons (Prehistory, Far West, Present, End of Edo Japan, Imperial China, Near future, Far future). In the demo, it is thus possible to enjoy a snapshot of China, Japan and the farthest future. What about discovering the life of an old kung-fu master in search of disciples; to a ninja who will do everything to save his country; of a spaceship crew guarding the dangerous cargo. The question is of course what is the connection of these stories ? To find out, you need to complete all the games to unlock the other two.

Sure, the concept in Live A Live is compelling. And this is even more the case with this remake work! On the writing side – which has clearly not changed since 1994 – the game gained momentum, especially thanks to the English dubbing of important passages (no Japanese in the program) and the visual effects. Because yes – it’s impossible not to go into the graphic aspect, which marks the return of the famous 2D -HD from Square Enix. We’ve seen it in Triangle Strategy or Octopath Traveler, and the translation is still successful. The atmospheres of Live A Live are more sublimated than ever, thanks to a game of depth and a beautiful palette of colors.

nothing like the others

But more than offering characters and a different atmosphere, the seven episodes of Live A Live bring new gameplay twists, To our great joy! For example, the Japan chapter relies on a period of penetration. It is possible to be invisible, to avoid enemies and even to walk on the roofs (the castle where this story takes place offers many branches). Actually, we feel like these moments are marked and sewn with white threads, but we can appreciate the breath of fresh air they bring! On the other hand, the fights remain the same: unlike a classic JRPG, Live A Live doesn’t offer turn-based. It’s a system close to a tactical game. The player is placed on a chessboard of 7 squares by 7 and must pay close attention to his placement. Each blow, friend or foe, has a very precise range and a little movement can save the opponent time in charging his punches. So you see, the Square Enix title is nothing like the others, and that’s why we’re looking forward to it!

Live A Live: The remake of a cult JRPG, our opinion of the first three chaptersLive A Live: The remake of a cult JRPG, our opinion of the first three chapters

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