Hunting debate between two opposing visions of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region

The new three-year agreement linking the Region to hunting federations was adopted on Wednesday June 29 evening. At a cost of 3.2 million euros, it took away the content of the two previous ones (monitoring species, changing environments) and added new actions. An investment program for the improvement of the areas (included, covered) is planned and a “flagship project” per department will be funded. Each federation will benefit from € 250,000 to complete its project.

The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region united to vote for an aid plan for hail victims

The debate challenged the councilors of hunters in the region itself, in the ranks of the majority of the LR-UDI and on the far right, and on the left, in sometimes caricatural exchanges. “We will give 14 euros per hunter per year, while it is five times less for the League for the Protection of Birds: it is a symbol of your policy”, stated Maxime Meyer (Greens).

Mickaël Paccaud (LR) rebuked a “look of arrogance towards the countryside” brought on by the “bottom of the cities”.

“An elected environmentalist living in the countryside, it’s good to stop calling us urban wounds. »

Gregoire Verriere (Ecologist in Puy-de-Dôme)

On the opposite, Christophe Boudot (ex-RN) also attacked a cliché: “Intelligent and pragmatic ecology, hunters practice it”.
When Maxime Meyer asked the Region to support the hunting ban on Sundays, as accidents are seven times more numerous there than on other days, Vice President Philippe Meunier responded:

“Cyclists will be hit on Sunday, will cars be banned that day? »

Philippe Miller (Vice President of the Region)

In time, he remembered the need to control certain species, such as the wild boar. “If I can’t hunt on Sunday, I can no longer look my dog ​​in the eye, he’s waiting for me every time his tail and his eyes blink,” Christophe Boudot added.

There are no “rights and duties” for hunters

Faced with this playful tone, Jean-François Debat (PS) stated: “Those who want to continue hunting must accept the debate”. PRG also wants to put itself above the fight. Bernard Chaverot suggested writing in the deliberation that “nature belongs to everyone”.

Searched by Laurent Wauquiez, penalties for the unemployed hit the left in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Pointing his nose at Laurent Wauquiez, Guillaume Lacroix would have wanted the hunters to sign a charter on “rights and duties”, as imposed by high school students. Wasted effort.
The left mostly voted against the report. Only two of the three Communists voted in favor.

Lawrence Bernard

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