Harvestella: all we know about Nintendo Direct’s big surprise

Game news Harvestella: all we know about Nintendo Direct’s big surprise

If we saw the games expected during Nintendo Direct yesterday (Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, Mario + The Rabbids 2, Persona 5 Royal), it wasn’t stingy with surprises either. And there’s one more than the others: Harvestella, a Nintendo Switch console exclusively from Square Enix that combines Final Fantasy and Animal Crossing.

Harvestella, the RPG/life simulation we’ve been waiting for?

Newly licensed from Square Enix, Harvestella is presented to us as a mix between Final Fantasy and Animal Crossing, ie between an artistically directed RPG and familiar wonderland, and a classic life sim. In summary, the principle is to oscillate between gardening/arrangement/cooking sessions and Final Fantasy-style fights (new formula). The mixture seems surprising, however Yet it is a genre that has existed for many years now and known to others.

The Rune Factory is perhaps the best known example. Existing since 2006, the license made by Neverland then Hakama was initially thought to be a spin-off of Harvest Moon, which used the life simulation feature to add a good dose of action. As vibrant and important as it is today, Rune Factory has paved the way for many other small games to opt for this unique hybrid game, not without its variations. In the genre, we can say My Time in Portia of course, but also slightly different games like Moonlighter, Dragon Quest Builders or the latest installments of the Atelier series (at some point). But despite the growing number of examples, the genre remains a niche and had trouble removing the label from weeberie clinging to his skin.

Harvestella: all we know about Nintendo Direct’s big surprise

But with Harverstella, Square Enix seems to be offering us a more mainstream title. From what we’ve seen, it’s taking strength from each other, and looking even further for other general public licenses. A Workshop -like aesthetic by removing the particular niche alchemy aspect, gameplay rich like Rune Factory without the kid side, all sprinkled with a story, a universe and a combat system inevitably makes you think of the latest Final Fantasy.

But what interests players the most is the famous Quietus (the time of death), which adds a strangely dark side to a game of this genre. Haversella wants to be more mature and deep than her peers. An interesting approach that seems to have little impact, interesting both regulars in the genre and those seeking to get away from it as much as possible. From there to say that this is what the genre lacks to democratize, it’s too early. But Square Enix managed to get into it, and it’s in the form as below.

Harvestella: all we know about Nintendo Direct’s big surprise

Open world, fights… What we know so far

If we only had the rights to a short video during this Nintendo Direct, Square Enix immediately created a long article so we can go back in detail to their next upcoming title. It must be said that the publisher has every interest in giving us a more complete look at Harvestella as the game is set to be released in just a few months. It’s actually on November 4 that the title will be available on the Nintendo Switch, of course, but also on the PC. Also note that it is now possible to pre-order it on Steam (soon also in the Nintendo eShop). These pre-orders also allow us to find out the price of the game will amount to € 59.99. At this price, we still expect very strong play and content. Here is what Square Enix has revealed to us so far:

Harvestella: all we know about Nintendo Direct’s big surprise

life simulator

Want a chance to relax? You will find everything you need at Haverstella. The game seems unbeatable in terms of relaxing activities. In addition to managing your plantations, you can also fish or raise your animals. The resources you get can be sold or used for cooking. The small dishes mixed, in addition to the delicious look, will help you in combat. Note that Harvestella also has production mechanics allows you to create useful items for your home or dungeon exploration stages.

Who says simulation of life, also says a strong preference for socialization. Life is better with friends and that’s also what happened to Harvestella. To do this, you need to talk to your neighbors and complete several searches for them. To thank you for your help, they will provide you with seeds and other useful items for your adventure. Increasing your engagement with certain characters will allow you to learn more about the history of the game and this terrifying Quietus that threatens your plantations and your peace. A priori, they should even be able to help you in combat. Suffice it to say that it is in your interest to discuss with the characters you will meet in the vast world of Harvestella.

Harvestella: all we know about Nintendo Direct’s big surprise

Open or linear world?

Harvestella: all we know about Nintendo Direct’s big surprise

In the Square Enix game, you have no access to a small town. Nemea, Shatolla, Lèthe or Argène are all places you can discover and pursue. Each city is different from the previous one (beach, ice, etc.) and you can get there using the world map. Around each of these locations there are dungeons that you can pass through at your leisure. There was no open world in the universe then. But if the areas to be found seem a bit linear, they promise to be large enough to allow players to feel a certain amount of freedom. Especially since the environments presented are so much more diverse and you can explore the sea floor with the help of a submarine. And as if this were not enough, the weather system is constantly changing in these different environments.

Harvestella: all we know about Nintendo Direct’s big surprise

The seasons, the center of the story and the game

During the presentation, Square Enix highlighted the weather system. This, to be honest, is not surprising for a game like this, because you have to customize your plantations and other activities according to them. Note that thirty days have passed in the game from one season to another and that each transition is marked with the appearance of Quietus, also called the time of death. The latter released a deadly dust that forced residents to remain trapped in their homes and destroyed all crops. It is therefore necessary to plan your stocks and plantations according to this time of death, which will become higher and higher as the game progresses.

Harvestella: all we know about Nintendo Direct’s big surpriseHarvestella: all we know about Nintendo Direct’s big surprise

So these seasons are even more important for the game, but also for the history of the title. The whole plot revolves around this mysterious Quietus and the possible solutions to eradicate it. It’s also in the middle of Quietus that our customized protagonist wakes up in a little unknown village. Quickly, he made it his mission to discover the truth and suppress this threat. In the course of discussions and other searches for the daughter of the future Aria, the brigadier Asyl or the missionary Shrika, you will gradually find. the way to Lumicycles, these four crystals rule the seasons and hide a terrible secret. But to do this, you have to be armed.

Harvestella: all we know about Nintendo Direct’s big surprise

war system

Harvestella: all we know about Nintendo Direct’s big surprise

As we said, the world of Harvestella has different dungeons. Of course they are full of monsters that you have to defeat. To do this, you need to choose the class you are in. So far, Square Enix has wanted to reveal only three but we promise more. First we have a warrior, a specialist in quick sword attacks; the shadow walker and his killer twin blades and the mage, skilled in various magic attacks. Note that it is clearly possible to switch quickly between different classes.

As for the fights themselves, it seems pretty standard. We are in real time combat against small monsters or big bosses. Many attacks are possible, the interface is readable and familiar, and you can form a team to conquer different dungeons.

Harvestella: all we know about Nintendo Direct’s big surprise

For now, that’s all we know about Harvestella, but Square Enix invites us to stay vigilant for the next few months. The new information should fall in great surprise on this Nintendo Direct.

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