Beware of these 5 dangers (and diseases) that await your dog this summer

When the good weather returns, we all look forward to going out with our furry companion to catch some fresh air. Plus, we all know that dog walking is important for its health. It gives him a sense of freedom and allows him to taste the freshness of nature. However, be careful, because it is not dangerous for our faithful partner. In fact, the dangers and diseases it encounters externally such as fleas and ticks, procession worms, leishmaniasis, and so on. So caution is needed. Focus on this topic to warn you…

1 – leishmaniasis in dogs

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Have you ever heard of leishmaniasis in dogs? This is a little known chronic parasitic disease. This is why many are not yet aware of its existence. But it is a severe disease transmitted to dogs by a small insect called a sandfly (very small insects “measures about 3 mm” morphologically close to mosquitoes). Note that the latter often bite dogs. As you can understand, the transmission of leishmaniasis is therefore essentially done by biting this carrier insect.

Be careful, contamination between his dog friends is also possible. Note that the female sandfly’s favorite areas are usually the tops (hence, ears and legs) and especially the head. Fortunately, There is a vaccine against leishmaniasis. But, unfortunately, it does not provide 100% protection. That is why it is important to supplement it with various prevention methods to reduce the risk of bites such as the use of repellent products (insecticide or mosquito repellent) …

2 – Spikelets

spikelets in dog danger

In summer, also pay attention to the spikelets. In fact, it represents a real danger for your dog. As a reminder, this small spike, which at first glance seems harmless, may cause serious damage by quickly puncturing your pet’s skin. Once placed under the tissue, it will result in an abscess that is usually only visible after a few days. Dry ears can also cause serious injuries as well as serious health consequences to your dog companion..

Generally, spikelets can be found in fields, gardens, parks and around fields. So be very careful if you regularly walk with your dog in these places. In summary, they can easily penetrate the skin of your faithful partner or even enter the eyes, nostrils, ears causing fistula, abscess … To protect your dog, pleaseinspection regularly after each trip to ensure no spikelets.

3 – Processional worm

worms in procession

Processing worms also represent a danger not only for humans, but also for our adorable pets.. In fact, a dog that licks an insect or is simply bitten is at risk of necrosis of its tongue. In this case, to fix it quickly, it is important to Give him corticosteroid treatment.

This insect is commonly found in pine and softwood. It is very dangerous for humans and animals because it releases small hairs on the skin. It can cause allergic reactions in some people and animals. Dogs are the main prey of procession larvae. So, how to fix it in case of a sting? It is recommended to wash the pierced part with plenty of water, without wiping. This allows especially the release of more toxins in the body.

4 – Fleas and detectives

dog flea and detective

Summer and winter, fall and spring, fleas and ticks are everywhere. However, in summer, these parasites are likely to multiply. Remember that ticks and fleas remain a major danger to your dog. It causes allergies and is also carriers of the disease. As you understand, it is therefore in your utmost interest to eliminate it immediately.

After each walk, it is recommended to check your dog and make sure he has no parasites on him. You can use of antiparasitic products to ensure the best protection against fleas and ticks. However, it is always best to seek the advice of your veterinarian about this matter.

5 – Drowning

In general, dogs love water. However, a day of swimming can quickly become a dream come true. So it’s important to teach him to swim. Remember that this does not have to be natural for your dog. If he’s not a good swimmer, you can put him in a special dog life jacket for his safety.

Summer remains the best time of the year to enjoy sunny days at the pool. However, it is better to be careful to make sure later when it is restarted. The risk of drowning is actually one of the dangers during the summer of the swimming pool, not only for your children, but also and above all for your dog. Access to your swimming pool should be protected from now on.

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