5 signs that your relationship is very fast

published by Si Solene V

– June 29, 2022 at 10:30 am

The beginning of a relationship is usually the best time. But maybe you’re rushing more than you need to. To help you, here are 5 signs that prove that your relationship is very fast paced.

Starting a relationship can be a two -edged sword. If the beginning of romance is always beautiful and intense, it can also be quickly rushed. If you are quick to commit, this can become a problem over time. So it is important to know how to spend your time and not exceed certain limits. The goal is to get to know your partner better, at the risk of getting disappointed right away. Especially since some relationships can take longer to build than others. Even if you’re completely in love with this person, it’s important to curb your liking. There are specific signs that can let you know if your relationship is too strong or not. Here are 5 to help you figure it out.

You use too much texting

Within a relationship, texting your spouse is normal, even in some couples. But once it becomes an obligation and they always are, excessive texting can be a problem. Sending too many text messages that can’t be picked up is often a sign that the relationship is progressing too quickly.. If you can’t keep up for a long time without talking to your partner or hearing from them, we can still talk about poisoning. This constant contact can be overwhelming for the couple over time.

You have said too much about the future

Talking about the couple’s future can be helpful. But it’s important that you be careful about how you communicate it to your partner. To determine if you agree, talking about your future and your common values ​​remains important. On the other hand, it is better to learn to appreciate the present tense. The goal is not to be overly enthusiastic in the future, to the point of forgetting current relationship problems.. This is a key indication that it can be very fast moving due to the long life of the couple. Also, if talking about the future with this person makes you uncomfortable, that’s a red flag!

There is no limit

When starting a relationship, very often you want to be with your partner 24/7. This is the “honeymoon” stage. But it is important that this period does not last long. In order for the relationship to work, each partner must seek their individuality.. So limitations are very important to maintain a healthy environment. This infatuation is often confused with suitability. To determine if you will agree, the fact of moving away and finding yourself in yourself is important. Lack of boundaries can lead to a toxic relationship later on.

It’s so easy for you to say “I love you”.

Showing affection is important at any stage of a relationship. However, the words “I love you” have the power to change the course of the couple. And not necessarily in the most extreme way. This may mean that honesty is not appropriate within the couple and this relationship lacks sincerity and perspective. If one of the partners confesses their feelings soon, it may mean that they are in fact just passing by.. Please note, this is not for everyone. But when it comes to feelings and emotions, it’s better to spend your time. The idea is to build a deep and strong relationship.

You love sex so much

Sex is beautiful. Especially within a relationship. But if you want to have a serious relationship, it’s important to slow things down. Too much focus on sex in the beginning can mean that you and your partner are too fast. In fact, if you’ve been having sex regularly, it could mean that you’ve separated yourself from romance, without thinking about your true suitability. This prevents you from seeing each other’s flaws. Chemistry is important, but not enough to keep a relationship alive for a long time.. So it is necessary to know how to look beyond the desire you feel for each other.

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