Wedding time, Tamagotchi and hoodie… Bilal El Alamy presents the Dogami universe

He recently returned from a conference in NFT New York but from his Paris offices in Dogami Bilal El Alamy participated on Tuesday June 28 at 20 Mint au Carré, our Twitch show dedicated to Web 3. Because for if the petaverse, this imaginary world dedicated to virtual dogs, gained a worldwide reputation, it was in France that he co-founded the company with his three colleagues. While the new Dogami litter was recently put on the market, Bilal El Alamy provided an update on the progress of the project.

The second sale of NFT Dogami took place a few days ago and the new owners discovered the virtual puppies they had acquired by purchasing the token. What can they do with these puppies?

Now with Dogami, you can name your NFT dog. Our goal is to create a Nintendogs or Tamagotchi virtual breeding game. What is important to us is that the user can create a link to his game avatar.This link is multiplied by NFTs because each dog is unique in appearance and genetics. But by giving it a name, we deserve it better.

When will the game itself arrive?

The first release will take place in early September where between 100 and 500 users will have access. Then we will welcome many players to the worldwide release which will take place about two months later.

Will Dogami die, like Tamagotchi, if we don’t take care of it?

No, they will not die. In the first round, the game is played alone against the computer with the aim of raising Dogami from pup to adulthood. In Tamagotchi, you have six repetitive actions to complete. In Dogami, there are about twenty actions, important (feeding him, washing him …) and not necessary like taking the ball or giving the foot. The first phase aims to teach your puppy these 20 actions. Depending on your diligence in these tasks, you will earn more or less Doga, which is game money.

And the second round?

Then the game will progress to a new phase where your dog is an adult and you have new quests. The first is to hire other dogs, make new puppies that you can sell and give you income. But we can go ahead and build a cross between Pokémon Go, Mario Party and Ingress. Actually, there are Pokémon Go-style quests, a community mode somewhat like Ingress and lots of Mario Party-style exploration mini-games.

This is a challenge …

Yes, but we feel it. We have built a committed community of over 250,000 people. I have two sold-outs [vendu tous les NFT mis en vente] including one in the economic context that is not most favorable. We try to keep the realistic aspect. It’s not a simulation game, but it multiplies the characteristics of such and such a dog. Our Shiba Inu, for example, does not act like a dog of another breed.

An imaginary you can bring back to life in the virtual world dogs with real existence, from photographs for example …

We have a million such requests. People telling us “I love my dog, I grew up with him, can you let him go? The third phase of our game, called Petaverse, will be a spiritual phase of the dog’s life. And at this stage, we allow our own flexibility to do fun things like that, but nothing stops.I don’t want the community to have too many illusions.

Your community is not exactly the same as the standards of Web 3 communities…

We have almost 30% of our users are women. Half of our users are between 16 and 28 years old but this is from 12 to 62 years old. Finally, 45% of the community downloaded Discord for the first time with Dogami. Finally, if the community is less Web 3 than other projects, it’s because we’re implementing a strategy aimed at producing this result. We limit the amount of Dogami we can buy at a time, so that there are no speculators.

And despite the breeding (the breeding of dogs) you mentioned earlier, a mechanism that speculators call …

We put it in place moments of love which means we can’t breed if we want to. There are a limited number of reproductions at this time. After breeding, there is a latency period before a new puppy can be born immediately, a period that increases each time the dogs are bred. So there are several mechanisms aimed at controlling population inflation.

At the same time, you attract prestigious colleagues …

We really announced the cover of The Officer our partnership with the Gap brand. With them, we create virtual accessories that we can put on dogs to enhance their style. And for every collaboration in the virtual world, we will create merch (derivative products) in the real world. We tried to build these bridges between the real and the virtual world and drove the barrier between the two crazy.

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