The fire of love (spoiler): this death upset the fate of Sharon (Sharon Case) and Nick on TF1

This year 2022 marks the 25th anniversary of the presence of Sharon’s case in Sharon’s role in The fire of love in TF1. In an interview with CBS Soaps In Depththe actress reflected on the course of production that has accelerated over the years, she said: “I’ve gotten better at memorizing my dialogues, which is good because I’ve been given more dialogues over the years. You get used to it, and I prefer it to run faster.”.

Back to Sharon and Rey’s relationship in The fires of love on TF1

This month of June 2022, at The fire of love on TF1, Sharon broke up with Rey (Jordi Vilasuso). He admits that the romance between Sharon and Rey began with a friendship: “Because they work together. Rey is undoubtedly a perfect cop. A righteous man. Maybe Sharon liked the cops after Dylan disappeared. If you lose someone, sometimes you try to replace them with someone with similar characteristics. “.

The actress added: “I also like that Sharon has another career for a while, working at the police station. It’s great to explore the rest of Sharon ”. In addition, previously, Sharon married another police officer, Dylan McAvoy (Steve Burton). He says: “People are still tweeting about Sharon and Dylan today. He’s the first guy Sharon has found happy and has a real partner since Nick. So losing him is really sad for him!»

Her marriage to Nick, Jack’s revenge

Sharon Case also talks about her first marriage to Nick (Joshua Morrow) and reveals the stress behind the scenes. “There were a lot of weddings in soap operas, and that was Nick and Sharon’s first wedding, so we knew it was big. Joshua and I were nervous. We are determined to make promises as they should be said. It was a fairy tale romance and marriage. As actors, we just want to nail the scenes, and it’s thrilling ”.

The actress explains: “It also turned out to be pretty real. I’ve never played a bride walking down an aisle before, and one of the things that amazed me was how real it was! It kind of takes me out of the fantasy world. As an actor you have to stay focused, but it feels like a real wedding for a while ”.

By the way, Sharon also married Jack. The actress returns to this event: “It’s not a couple who are slow to fall in love and think it’s the right person for them. It’s more of a plan or an agreement that we do it because we’re both upset with our exes. We’re more of a partner than a lover because of it. because Nick and Phyllis have a relationship. I love working with Peter Bergman (Jack) “.

Cassie’s Death: Sharon’s Drama

In addition, the actress went back to the fact that she had to immediately take on the role of mother in the series with Cassie (Camryn Grimes): “It was an interesting time. I had never played a mother before and I didn’t know I was going to play one very early in my career. The role of mom was very different for me, but Camryn (who is now Mariah) ) very talented ”.

So, one of the dramas that marked Sharon without a doubt was Cassie’s death. “We were all saddened to see this beloved child tragically die and to see Camryn leave the show. But the tragedy that befell Nick and Sharon was exactly what pushed them in the other direction. They had been a happy couple, probably for 10 years up to that point, and it naturally took something like that for them to separate..

The fire of love available Monday through Friday from 11 am on TF1.

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