The BALANCE & INSTINCT brand, healthy food for cats and dogs

Based in Normandy, the brand has put its knowledge into pet welfare service since 1991 and offers a variety of premium French-made foods made by veterinarians.

30 years of experience serving dogs and cats

Behind this desire to preserve the deep nature of pets hides a man and a woman, Christian and Catherine Duquesne, who decided in 1991 to develop premium food for cats and dogs.

Rich in the knowledge of Christian Duquesne, veterinarian and animal nutrition specialist, they have been able to make a variety of dry and wet foods made from the ingredients. original natural.

In 2020, the family business was taken over by their sons, Jean-Charles and François Duquesne, who dedicated the brand ÉQUILIBRE & INSTINCT to the benefit of cats and dogs by offering not only products, but also services. , as in ‘a veterinary advice platform and a customized subscription service.

“In my career as a veterinarian, I have always thought that the well-being of pets is something of a set of daily attention: a balanced diet of course, daily activities to maintain their shape. , care and health products as natural. possible “, emphasizes Jean Charles Duquesne, veterinary physician, specialist in feline and canine dietetics.

One brand, three commitments

The brand ÉQUILIBRE & INSTINCT has made three strong commitments: its products are part of a triple dietary, ethical and ecological approach.

The commitment to diet is part of the brand’s DNA, which since its inception has been committed to offering better pâtés and better kibble for cats and dogs. All feeds are of high quality and developed in collaboration with veterinarians and animal nutrition specialists.

Consistent with the nutritional needs of dogs and cats, foods, whether kibbles, pâtés, slivers or slices, contain a lot of animal protein.

The amount of lipids and carbohydrates is appropriately dosed to avoid any imbalance. The premium foods made by the brand are therefore a real guarantee of health for dogs and cats, full of vitality, easily digest their food and sport a shiny clothing.

EQUILIBRE & INSTINCT is also part of an ecological approach to products that respect the environment.

The company has thus put in place a responsible supply charter, and has adopted a strong CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach. she is a major partner and shareholder ofa methanization plant that allows breeders located near to heat their barns while avoiding 1,200 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

In the end, it’s part of an ethical approach: all products are made in France, and many of them are even made in Normandy to improve short circuit supply and work with high -quality fresh ingredients.

A variety of healthy recipes for cats and dogs

The brand ÉQUILIBRE & INSTINCT offers two distinct offerings: a variety of wet foods, including pâtés, slivers and slices, and a variety of dry foods including croquettes and sweets.

This diversity allows dog and cat owners to choose bi-nutrition. This method of feeding, which consists of half kibble and half wet food, combines the advantages of different products.

Thus, kibbles are true allies for the oral health of dogs and cats. Their texture and shape offer an action against tartar thanks to a “toothbrush” effect not found in wet food.

On the other hand, pâtés, tapered or minced have the advantage of having content to 80% humidity, in addition to all the nutrients the body needs in dogs and cats. These wet foods are an ideal hydration supplement, especially for cats who are natural light drinkers.

Bi-nutrition makes it possible to get the best out of each type of food, by offering a varied and balanced diet to dogs and cats. EQUILIBRE & INSTINCT products are a guarantee of quality food, respectful of the environment and the nutritional needs of pets.

In partnership with BALANCE & INSTINCT

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