Sarah Knafo: her relationship with Eric Zemmour is translated

She was the woman in the shadow during the former journalist’s presidential campaign. Sarah Knafo, with Eric Zemmour, intrigues. Who really is this young woman? A book is coming to enlighten us on this subject.

Who is Sarah Knafo? A book solves the mystery

Who is Sarah Knafo’s husband? Where did the young woman come from? Where is he from? Since her name exploded in the press and Eric Zemmour, 63, became official in their romance, everyone has been wondering about senior civil servant Sarah Knafo. While the unfortunate presidential candidate suffered a second defeat in the legislative elections, his young colleague still attracted people.

Two journalists, Ava Djamshidi (reporter at HE) and François-Xavier Ménage (TF1 reporter), published The Intriguing Sarah Knafo published by Robert Laffont on May 25, its very best pages opened in the columns of women’s magazine on June 3.

Where was Sarah Knafo born?

Over the pages, the reader learns more about the one who touched Eric Zemmour’s heart and wanted to see him on the Elysée. Sarah Knafo, born in Pavillons-sous-Bois in April 1993, grew up in Seine-Saint-Denis in a wealthy family. In fact, he has a lot in common with Eric Naulleau’s friend: he’s from the North African diaspora, part of a Sephardic Jewish family that is deeply embedded in the traditions as well as the values ​​of the republic.

What is the origin of Sarah Knafo?

Esther Knafo, a hypnotherapist, and her husband Patrick Knafo, a real estate businessman, fled Morocco in 1967 to France, after the Six Day War. So Sarah Knafo is of Morocan Berber origin through her parents, living in Essaouira (formerly Mogador). So his childhood is very similar to that of the former essayist, the Berber who is originally from Algeria and who spent his childhood in Montreuil, in the Paris region.

The Zemmour and Knafo families get to know each other and that’s what brings them closer to Sarah Knafo and Eric Zemmour. Sarah Knafo met Eric Zemmour, whom she called “the Z” when he was very young. “They’ve known each other since 2007. Sarah Knafo is 13 years old, her father is Eric’s friend”have we learned to The radicalized (Threshold) by Etienne Girard, journalist at The Express.

He quickly became his teacher: he helped him change for his ENA entrance exams, pushing him to aspire even higher … This ambition was the fuel of the couple, during the presidential election and to create the Reconquest activity. Became a magistrate in the Court of Auditors after she finished school in 2019, Sarah Knafo left everything to dedicate herself to Eric Zemmour and their common ideas.

Sarah Knafo married and pregnant? The ridiculous rumors were quickly wiped away by a backhand

Sarah Knafo is 29 years old. She was never pregnant with Eric Zemmour, contrary to what the magazine said More close in its columns a few months ago. No photo of Sarah Knafo pregnant exists for the simple reason that the young woman has yet to carry a baby. Sarah Knafo is unmarried and is not Eric Zemmour’s wife but his spouse. We also know that he tried to hide their relationship from his relatives and friends, by pretends to be “nephew” to the politician.

Eric Zemmour is likely to still marry Mylène Chichportich, the mother of his three children Clarisse, Thibault and Hugo (18, 25 and 24). In January, he formalized his relationship with Sarah Knafo live on BFMTV. “My partner, my partner. There would have been no campaign without Sarah Knafo ”said Eric Zemmour, tired of all sorts of rumors about his life, to Bruce Toussaint.

Eric Zemmour: his wife Mylène Chichportich in “suffering”

We know this in the pages of this unpublished work that looks back on Eric Zemmour’s private life: lawyer Mylène Chichportich, his wife since 1982, was outraged by the young woman’s arrival in her husband’s life. . “For his wife it was a great suffering, also for his children. She wanted to be a family caretaker. Even if they don’t get together anymore ”according to a relative of the couple The intriguing Sarah Knafo.

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