QD-OLED, Mini LED or Full LED: the new Sony TV is here, and some are on sale

For its new range of televisions, Sony has been hit hard by taking advantage only of premium screen technologies. QD-OLED, Mini LED, Full Array LED or even OLED: all sold by Fnac, and some even at a reduced price.

For 2022, Sony has redesigned the entire range of televisions and they will all be available for sale on Fnac. Four different screen technologies make up this range, including an anticipated new one. Sony has launched the first QD-OLED TV and the picture quality is following expectations.

On the occasion of the summer sale, several televisions from Sony’s new range were sold at Fnac. The opportunity to take advantage of discounts of up to 500 euros on references that have just been released.

QD-OLED: OLED, even better

OLED televisions have been established for many years as models that offer the highest image quality found on the market. In particular thanks to the technological properties that guarantee severe blacks and very good comparison ratios. This year, OLED is taken to the next level: here’s QD-OLED, which can be seen on one of Sony’s newer televisions.

The Sony A83K TV // Source: Sony

Here, the OLED panel works with “quantum dots”. Are you familiar with this term? This is normal, as it is a technology that is also found in QLED televisions. During its testing on the Sony XR-55A95K, the editorial staff of our Frandroid colleagues noticed that the QD-OLED offers “ a color rendering that seems more pure“, and it is even in whites and grays, for”scenes that look very natural . ”

Mini LED: the future replacement for LED

LED backlighting is the historic technology of our flat screens. Initially, LEDs were placed at the edges of the screen and created uneven lighting. Today, high-end and newer televisions have a backlight panel that takes up the entire panel space. This is the Full Array LED technology of Sony televisions with the advantage of offering high brightness levels and better contrast management.

The Sony X95K TV // Source: Sony

In recent years, LED backlight has improved, moving to Mini LED. The difference is in the size of the LEDs used. They are smaller and therefore can be placed denser on the back of a slab. The result is an image with a lot of detail in bright areas while deep blacks continue. theblossomsalso decreased compared to conventional LED TVs, which perform no better than OLEDs.

Sony TVs in 2022

For the new range of televisions, Sony uses multiple screen and backlight technologies. However, there are many similarities between these televisions. These are high-end models, which benefit from the most important characteristics one expects from such products.

So we see:

  • panels with 4K definition, a refresh rate of 120 Hz and HDMI 2.1 ports for hopeful compatibility with the PlayStation 5 and the latest consoles;
  • a modern and ergonomic Google TV interface that recommends the interior appropriately;
  • the presence of DTS and Dolby Atmos on the sound side, and HDR, HDR-10 and Dolby Vision on the image side;
  • the excellent Sony Cognitive Processor XR, which provides digital image processing power (upscalingmotion compensation, image realism, etc.);
  • free access to Bravia Core, the high-quality streaming service exclusive to Sony TVs for a period of 12 to 24 months, as well as 5 to 10 movie credits offered depending on the model .

Up to 500 euro discount on new Sony TVs

Recently released, some of Sony’s 2022 televisions have already been sold by Fnac. The brand allows you to save up to 500 euros on multiple new references during the summer sale.

Sony X94K TV: up to 400 euro discount

Available on three screen diagonals, Sony X94K televisions benefit from the manufacturer’s Full Array LED backlighting. The Sony XR-55X94K (55 ”) benefited from a price reduction of 300 euros, which fell to 1399 euros.

Other diagonals are also sold:

  • the Sony XR-65X94K (65 ″) TV will go for 1,699 euros instead of 1,999 euros;
  • the Sony XR-75X94K (75 ″) TV goes for 2,299 euros instead of 2,699 euros.

Sony A83K TV: up to 500 euro discount

Sony A83K televisions are those that benefit from an OLED panel. Here, too, it is available on three screen diagonals, and is sold on the Fnac site. The 65 ″ version of the Sony XR-65A83K is priced at 2799 euros, instead of 2999 euros.

Other diagonals are also at a strikethrough price:

  • the Sony XR-55A83K (55 ″) TV will go for 1,999 euros instead of 2,199 euros;
  • the Sony XR-77A83K (77 ″) TV goes for 3,999 euros instead of 4,599 euros.

All other Sony TVs from 2022 will be available on Fnac

Fnac sold all new Sony televisions for 2022. So the brand offered to sell the Sony X95K models with Mini LED backlighting, and the Sony A95K with a QD-OLED panel.

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