Patrick Hernandez, who lives in a tent and eats camembert from trash cans, happily lives to the age of 73 and earns up to 1,500 euros a day.

Life is unpredictable, and happiness can knock on your door at any hour. Only, you need to know how to take your time. We bring you the amazing success story of Patrick Hernandez.

Patrick Hernandez is the author of the famous tube ¨Born to be alive¨, which has continued to surf with success more than 40 years after its release. Thanks to this title, Hernandez is leading a comfortable life. According to his beliefs, he earned a day between 800 and 1500 euros thanks to this title. So he leads the life of a king, but all is not always pink.

The songwriter grew up in grave danger. In fact, in his youth, he ate garbage and he lived in a tent. Unable to rely on the support of his parents who did not want him to pursue a music career, he had to rely on himself early on.

His perseverance and talent have served him well, as he is now leading a dream life. He continues to earn a lot of money without having to work. Focus on Patrick Hernandez’s inspiring journey.

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Patrick Hernandez enjoys success and fame, but it’s not always easy for him. His journey is filled with various traps and obstacles.

During a media interview, the singer recounted her painful childhood spent in extreme poverty:

¨In the very beginning, I experienced times of real misery. I found myself in the middle of winter, sleeping in a camping tent near the MJC in Goussainville, in the suburbs of Paris. It even happened to me to go and steal an old camembert thrown in the trash, dump it in clear water and eat it. Because I have no money,

he revealed.

Singer Patrick Hernandez, in 1979. ^ Sources: Getty Images

He quickly became interested in music. Unfortunately for him, his parents did not want him to pursue a career in this universe. Her parents ’stance made her life more difficult than ever. The young Hernandez had to accept responsibility early on.

However, he relied on his mother’s love, even if she didn’t express it to him often:

¨Mom is a girl in the reserve. We both lived, no dad. He had to be less gentle to do his part as well. But I have no doubt about his unconditional love¨,

he remembers.

So he was closer to his mother than to his father. Alas, this woman who was so important to him, lost her life in 1994 in a car accident. He died at the age of 69.


As we said above, Patrick Hernandez should be quick to accept responsibility for his life. He allowed his talent in song to be revealed, and this is how he became an artist with many hats: composer, author, publisher, performer and producer.

He launched himself into the world of music, and even if he had talent, success would not come immediately.

Patrick Hernandez in his youth. І Source: Getty Images

Patrick Hernandez collapsed in the 70s. The year 1979 remained a life-changing one. He wrote the title ¨Born to live¨, although he was not convinced of its relevance:

¨Crazy Beatles fan, I consider the term disco a dirty word¨,

he remembers.

He had a good idea to follow the advice of those around him and to do his part in making this piece:

¨On the advice of expert ears, I tried. And it became a planetary tube. Better, a pattern, the reference of a decade¨.

he admitted.

¨Born to live¨ has become a true musical reference. Since its release, it has sold over 27 million copies worldwide.

To help you understand how unique this title is, you need to know that its sales are equivalent to 56 gold, platinum and diamond records in fifty countries.

Over the years, this title has remained one of the most played in nightclubs on the entire planet.

Singer Patrick Hernandez was surrounded by MIDEM gold records on January 26, 1980 in Cannes, France. І Source: Getty Images


More than 42 years after its release, the hit “Born to Be Alive” has been just as successful in France and around the world. This situation clearly benefited its author, Patrick Hernandez. It’s simple: this title makes him a millionaire.

Over the years, Patrick Hernandez continues to enjoy the fruits of his labor:

¨When I wake up in the morning, I already know that I will earn between 800 and 1500 euros a day (…) This is a wide range, because if tomorrow, a big American brand wants the song for in an ad, obviously, we’re on the high fringe¨,

he trusted Gala.

Patrick Hernandez in concert. І Source: Getty Images

This song offers him more than money:

¨This title allows me to make TV here, to be called such and such a country for such a film or as a private concert (…) In homeopathic doses, as I like¨.

Who doesn’t want to get a fortune without having to put in any special effort? Patrick Hernandez is a dream come true. Alas, his sentimental life did not enjoy the same success. In 1990, he married a woman named Laetitia.

From their love was born their only daughter, Victoria. Unfortunately, they separated a few years ago, and Patrick Hernandez didn’t close the door on love. Nevertheless, he maintained a good relationship with Victoria.

Singer Patrick Hernandez. І Source: Getty Images

His journey gives us a good life lesson: you don’t have to give up, even though life is hard and everyone seems against you. Always keep hope and have faith in the future!

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