nine months company is required against the breeder in Lubbon and his “dog factory”

In 2016 the SPA and, in the process, the department’s veterinary service, began …

In 2016 the SPA and, in the process, the department’s veterinary services, began investigating the Guardian Angels of Grace kennel. Two owners complained after buying bad puppies from him.

There is no control

In Lubbon, inspectors discovered an out of control kennel. While the use of the forties is limited to 49 dogs, more than a hundred of them are distributed in wooded habitats that are gutted and have no hard soil. “The inspector wrote in his report that dogs roam the water when it rains. Their filth spilled on the ground, they trampled on it, ”the judge explained. Undeterred, the defendant took out his cards: “I have a voice recording from the inspector saying that my installations are in compliance”. “You say you work from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., summer and winter, but how do you take care of your animals when it’s dark, when there is no electricity in your cages? “, M. surprised.e Maréchal-Gaillard, lawyer at the Brigitte-Bardot Foundation (civil party, like SPA). “I’ll take my flashlight,” the person replied.

“I have a voice recording of the inspector saying that my installations are following”

After five years, despite a series of formal announcements, the situation has worsened. “Fences are still not standard, dogs can bite each other. Many animals suffer from various pathologies, coats, fleas, kennel cough, conjunctivitis, ear infections. Animals are very scared. , ”The judge explained.“ I have a few cocker spaniels with dry eye problems, but at 7 a.m., I haven’t given them their drops yet ”, he reasoned, referring to the blow operation that allowed the seizure of his 218 dogs in June 2021. Me Egea, for SPA, summarizes: “It was a dog factory. »

Proof by image

The ill -treatment described has led to nutritional deficiencies in dogs. “Impossible, Karen Toubiana denies. They have croquettes to like! The said croquettes, we discovered them on screen when the photos were planned at the request of the public prosecutor. Thrown on the beaten ground, they are molded. “And there, we saw plants growing in dwellings, how do you mean it? Asked the prosecutor.” There is life! »

“A cash machine”

How did this breeder manage to manage 258 dogs on its own and why does their number continue to grow? For the public prosecutor, the answer is clear: “Money is the root of the war. If we sell an average of 1,000 euros for a dog, we ask for the amount of cash, we brew a lot of money throughout the year! “Right now, we’re talking about 131,000 euros raised in money over four years. And the public prosecutor to reveal the manager’s imaginary accounting, reserving a line in Excel for payment of money,” a line you won’t express afterwards “.” No, really. I’m allowed to invest in the kennel. “” Where is that? What will work? the prosecutor asked. “In fact, you lost your footing on your breeding ”, which he described as a“ cash machine ”.

“Ignorance and incompetence”

Stunned by the defendant’s behavior at the bar, “revealing his unconsciousness and his incompetence”, Me Maréchal-Gaillard admitted, in addition to 2,000 euros for non-pecuniary damage, that the accused no longer had the right to own the animal. For his part, “given the total absence of M’s questioningME Toubiana and the risk of recidivism “, the prosecutor demanded a mixed sentence: nine months imprisonment, fifteen months probation for two years, five years ban on working with animals and a fine of 10,000 euros (including the half suspended).

After midnight, the defense finally spoke up and tried to downplay the facts. Me Peneau insisted on “the efforts Karen Toubiana has made to fulfill her kennel”. “He is very straightforward, very direct, but do not judge his character.»

The decision is set for Oct. 4.

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