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The most expensive player in history and leading the Paris project in 2017, Neymar has become, over time, all that Paris-SG no longer wants. To the point that the capital club, through its president Nasser al-Khelaïfi, is pointing the finger at the Brazilian, who did not name him, on all that needs to be changed in the capital. At 30, Neymar and his one -year contract, which will last until 2027, are aiming to show that nothing is over. Mission impossible?

Neymar is a bit like Derrick Rose. Every week on Twitter, a compilation of his PSG debut, as the Chicago Bulls playmaker, comes out on the web. We see a player of high physical, speed, technical, bad, judgmental, weird, horny. Above all, we will find happy people. Happy to be there. Happy to play football. Happy to embarrass the fathers of the families. And then there is the truth. The sad fact. That is, the present moment. Neymar is old, he looks like he is 10 years older than his real age – he just celebrated his 30th birthday – he is already elevated, and his kidney is completely gone. The Brazilian recently came out of his worst career season. No Champions League goals, less than 30 games in all competitions and a few key games in a season where he was injured again before he was shouted at, shouted at, publicly insulted at the Parc des Princes at the end of the season. . Like Lionel Messi, Neymar represents all parts of the Paris public that no longer want to be seen: players paying a fortune, out of form, lacking in enthusiasm for the idea of ​​giving birth in Ligue 1, in love very much in life abroad. pitch and unreliability.

The door is open

Neymar has just finished his fifth season in the capital, he has yet to play more than 22 Ligue 1 games there in a single season. With the arrival of Lionel Messi and the emergence of Kylian Mbappé, the Brazilian has even become a stooge. A player whose losses we can forget. Neymar has become an ordinary player at PSG. To the point that its president, in several interviews given to the press in June, clearly opened the door to a resignation: “You have to discipline yourself, on and off the pitch. Anyone who wants to stay at his comfort, who doesn’t want to fight, he stays on the side. And you have to make a real team, find a true collective spirit. This is the mission of the new coach. We want the players to be proud to represent PSG and ready to fight every day. » And when the PSG boss was asked Gazzetta dello Sport in Neymar’s case, the words are harsh: “We don’t discuss these issues in the media, some come and some go, but these are private negotiations. » What clearly opens the door to a departure. The strategy of the presidency is as brutal as it is easy: Neymar represents all the bad guys today at PSG. We criticized the star’s character. But who put Neymar at the top of the club? PSG itself. Except that Neymar earns 30 million a year and still has … a five -year contract in the capital. An extension was signed in 2021 with the approval of a president who, a year later, reprimanded his player. What happened in a year for the president of Paris who could easily return? Absolutely nothing. Nothing happened, because Neymar did nothing. And there is anxiety. What to do with a player who is very expensive and whose performance in the game is not very exceptional? At the age of 30, will Neymar change the way he plays football? Apparently, he will no longer be this imaginative and fast-paced player in 2017. No matter, he has the right to change himself. Against Bayern Munich, in 2021, he delivered two XXL appearances on two different registers. That’s a rare smuggler in Germany, that’s a backbreaker in return. A few months before his likely final World Cup with Brazil, the former Barcelonan still has that magic in him. A magic which his coach, Tite, still believes.

Tite protects her calf

“He is not a problem, he is a solutionsaid the Brazilian coach on the podcast Sexta Estrela. Sometimes they say there (on axis), it can make more mistakes. His position makes him even more mistaken, because if he does it creatively, he can be judgmental. If a coach lined up Neymar on one side, I would call him ass. This severely limits the creative ability of a player with these qualities. Creativity is not always, it is an event, it is a circumstantial. He makes more mistakes, yes, because his creative ability and the place he is located require it. » Neymar changed. He can no longer be such a confusing winger, but he still has the magic on his feet to give the right pass, the right opening, the right offer when he faces the game. Especially with a finisher like Kylian Mbappé. Angry, will Neymar still be Parisian in 2023? Without a doubt. Who now has the financial capacity and the desire to offer this Neymar a long -term contract? So let’s hope the president’s statements succeed in detecting the ego of this champion. Paris still doesn’t know how Neymar will deal with it. So much loved, so much protected and then so much hated, the measurement was never customary. The writing of history must be different. No injuries. Without misunderstanding. No banners. Without insult. But the story is not over yet. We recall that in 2019, the Paris public was already whistling at their player expressing a desire to leave the capital. Neymar said nothing and shared the answer on the ground. Against Strasbourg, he gave the win an acrobatic comeback in front of an audience that, nonetheless, challenged him. Love returned to the point that Neymar appeared, a few months ago after a Homeric C1 campaign, from Dortmund to Lisbon, as THE great lord of End 8. Three years later, here we are again. The Paris public is once again angry with its Brazilian. Neymar was furious. And when a great champion is angry, it always ends the same way, because Neymar, whether we like it or not, has gold at his feet. And as Chuck Norris said: “I put my feet where I want and it’s always on the face. »

By Mathieu Faure

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