Love is in the pasture: Aude to salvation, he makes a radical decision about his life

A change is coming for Aude

On Instagram, Louanne’s mother (seven years old) and Raphaël (two years old) made a big announcement. But he doesn’t intend to inform Internet users all at once. On the contrary, and he believed it, he was playing the suspense card :

2023 will bring me a major change that will affect my professional and personal life. It takes me a long time to think, learn, compare … to find a solution that will allow me to stop living to start living.. In any case, the future will tell me if my choice is the right one. In your opinion, what decision did I make? #suspension. »

Inevitably, Internet users wondered what he could do. Many thought he would completely change his professional orientation by returning to his former profession, teaching. In any case they are happy to know that he sees a new future, he has gone through difficult times.

Aude slowly climbed the slope

These past months have not been easy for the mother. He even lost thirty kilos because of his problems, especially financially. In fact, she needs to reduce her food budget, but doesn’t want to affect her children.. Other than having little money to eat, he had no time. He was just tired, because his days were so long. ” 5:20 am wake up, 11 pm bedtime, 7 days a week“, He shouted.

Unfortunately, my smile only lives on in the presence of my children… and no matter how much I love my animals. We loved our work, our animals, and so we accepted by kneeling on our backs. Jto the breaking point rapidly approaching. I was alive, I was hanging, I was hopeful. But for how long?“, he said in February.

The candidates of L’amour est dans le pré have become real spokespersons about the situation of farmers in France. A dangerous situation for most of them. Sometimes it is impossible to complete the requirements. And for others it is very difficult to live with. Sometimes irreparable than done. And if it affects a former participation in the M6 ​​cult program, the media has seized on the case.

Jean-Claude died in his barn

This is sad news for the show and the world of agriculture. On the night of Friday 24 to Saturday 25 June, Jean-Claude Joly died. He took his own life by hanging himself in his stable. The fifties left with her partner, Maud, who has been well-known to audiences since the two lovers met during the filming of the show. He is also the father of a little Charlotte, born in 2014, and is now an orphan to his father.

His participation in the program went back a few years. In fact, in 2011 he appeared in front of the M6’s cameras. She immediately met Karine Le Marchand, responsible for presenting her image to the audience. He is 42 years old and unique because of his humor and his straightforwardness. He stands as a star this sixth season. He meets Maud and falls in love with her. A mother of three years shares her feelings. They then settled in La Frenaye, where Jean-Claude continued his operations. They engaged in front of the M6 ​​camera in 2012.

On Instagram, Karine Le Marchand gave him a brief tribute. ” My Jean-Claude, the words failed me, but not my tears. Thank you for giving me so much joy and love at each of our reunions. You choose to say stop, so rest in peace. What I think of Maud and your little Charlotte“.

So far, we don’t know why agriculture decided to end its life. But sadly this is not an isolated case in France. Quite the opposite. In fact, by 2019, the numbers are already alarming. On the set of France 3, Anne-Claire Le Sann said the following words: “ It could be more than two suicides per day, according to figures from the Mutualité sociale agricole published this summer. He cited 605 suicides of farmers, operators and employees“.

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