Jérôme Commandeur’s declaration of cow love to Irréductibles officials

This is a story of civil servants. And if there’s one thing we want in France, it’s hit with civilian servants (while demanding to have more public services, nothing is said). In his new film, UnchangeableJérôme Commandeur, who directs and heads the cast, chose to play a civil servant who was fiercely attached to his situation and who, to escape the staff reduction plan, decided to accept all the transfers. , until the most impossible. “He’s a guy who travels the world because he doesn’t want to leave his office”, summarizes Jérôme Commandeur by paraphrasing one of his friends. “I think it’s nice to talk about France and the French, looking for what unites us, unlike during the presidential campaign, Faced with the comedian, who passed through Nice. What I saw in Unchangeable, it’s a nice definition of ours: it’s the story of someone who’s a bit stubborn all the time, going to the right when told to the left. I, like this I am: if the road is blocked, I tell the police that I have to take my mother on crutches, if she is not, and she does not have crutches. “

Keyboard, Lemercier, Darmon …

When asked if he was not afraid to face such a divisive topic, he frankly replied: “It was a declaration of love by the civilian servants, which I really wanted: they were the ones who drove us out of Ukraine, repairing the pylons, clearing the snow so we could see our families at Christmas. that I like humor: to cheat and thank you, to walk on two feet.Above all, let us not take away the right to cheat, we are the country of Pierre Dac, of Molière, of Jamel.

He didn’t hide it, he wasn’t the one who found the idea. with Unchangeable is the adaptation of an Italian film titled What is Vado? (I goin French). “I really like the concept: it’s kind of a fast-paced goose game. We have to franches this story and it’s not an easy task because it’s full of references. The humor, it’s pretty national, and I cannot keep up the Italian references. “

So, as the story is kept, it will adapt. Thus we found in the cast many French cinema figures, rather against the grain: “From memory, I can’t believe Christian Clavier has played a train unionist in his career …”

There is also Valérie Lemercier as captain of a research station, Gérard Darmon as Minister of Public Service, but also Éva Darlan or Nicole Calfan, but also the very good Pascale Arbillot, who delivers here, preferably, a more enthusiastic senior civil servant.

Distribute the pies

All these beautiful people give their all to serve this good comedy, whose first victim is the main character, who has no confidence, and who will suffer many setbacks: “I like it when people are confident and they’re kicked back. It’s so fun to have confident characters who get pies.”

For this second film, Jérôme Commandeur is trusted “truck keys” as he said, and not just any truck. There are many filming locations. Many countries appear on the screen, a challenge if you remember the time you came from: “It takes a lot of sets, in a lot of countries. And that’s the least courtesy. Now, you can watch movies anywhere on your phone’s small screen, so if you want to convince people to go to the theater, at least you. What can be done is to lay the way in. We have some difficulties because during the health crisis, between incarceration and curfew, and countries open and close quite brutally. Working on a film during the Covid era was an adventure in itself. ”

To appreciate the film, you have to get it for what it is: very good entertainment. The director acknowledged this to himself: “It’s not bac + 12 humor. I, I make popular humor, dunce, a little student. I can be far away, but it’s always kind.”

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