how can i cool my pet?

Le Figaro shares with you some simple moves to refresh your pets.

Many dangers await our pets during the summer. What are the risks? How to keep your animals cool and protect them from the heat? Explanations.

If high heat represents a danger for humans, dogs and cats will also not be saved. Le Figaro offers you some simple moves on refresh your pets.

What dangers do our animals face during high heat?

Burns, dehydration, sunstroke, fatigue … there are many risks that threaten our pets during the summer and especially during the high heat.

Unlike humans, for whom sweat provides thermal regulation, cats and dogs can barely sweat and have only a few sweat glands between the pads. They are therefore more sensitive to temperature changes. In addition, some breeds such as the French Bulldog, Pug and Persian cat are particularly sensitive to high heat due to their crushed surface.

Vomiting, rapid and noisy wheezing, difficulty breathing and excessive saliva are the first signs of excessive heat exposure, so it is important to react quickly to keep your animal cool.

How to cool a cat during a heat wave?

The cat is a mammal that tolerates periods of high heat better than other pets.

The cat is a mammal that tolerates periods of high heat better than the dog and other pets. His organism allows him a better urine concentration and better water retention. Finally, his physical dispositions allow him (unlike the dog) to favor shade and cool corners in height, especially in trees.

In a calm and lethargic nature, the cat naturally favors moments of rest during the hot wave, this is part of his temperament and his ability to adapt.

However, it is possible to help your cat find a little freshness during high heat:

  • Regularly brush his coat to avoid tangles and hairballs.
  • Always leave fresh water on. It needs to be constantly updated and ice cubes can be added.
  • Wet food is also favored over kibble.
  • Although most cats don’t like water, you can use wet gloves or a clean cloth to refresh your partner’s pads.
  • To cool them, freeze a plastic bottle of water and place it on the ground. Your cat will be grateful to lie near it.

How to cool a dog during a heat wave?

Remember to bring your dog inside during very hot weather.

A dog’s activity is often associated with his or her master’s, so it’s important to remain attentive to his or her needs. Although a dog will tolerate life outdoors very well, during a hot wave, it is important to check that it has a shady area and plenty of water points to cool off. If this is not the case, remember to bring your dog in during the hottest hours (for example between 10 am and 4 pm).

To find a little innovation, a dog naturally digs holes in the ground to feel the moisture in the soil through his nose. This behavior is normal.

To help your dog cope with periods of high heat, nothing is more effective than bathing. But if you are not near a water point:

  • Install a cooling mat and/or wet towel.
  • Don’t hesitate to wash your dog or wet his paws and stomach.
  • If you have enough space in your garden, you can also put a basin.
  • Adjust your walking times to the coldest hours of the day (morning and night), this will prevent your dog from burning his paws in contact with bitumen.

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