Evelyne Dhéliat and Catherine Laborde: what are their relationships?

Leaving TF1, Catherine Laborde thought the French would forget about her, and yet. Collaborator and friend of former miss weather, her sidekick Évelyne Dhéliat trusted many times in their relationship, expressing her admiration for someone who started her fight against the disease in front of cameras without anyone noticing. .

Together, they made it rain and good weather on TF1. One said goodbye to the channel and its listeners on January 1, 2017, the second remained faithful to the post. Conspirators and never rivals, Catherine Laborde and Évelyne Dhéliat are one of the leading faces on the small screen. Between them, it all started thanks to time : “Evelyne and I have known each other for about twenty years. At first she was a co-worker who liked to work, because she was agile and strict, then we formed a bond of friendship. Of course Evelyne at my wedding last november. We even talked about joining our respective spouses to say hello to Louis (Louis Bodin, editor’s note) in Brittany, but it still didn’t happen.trusted Catherine Laborde to Gala.fr, in July 2014.

Together with Louis Bodin, they formed a trio enthusiastic about the sometimes cloudy, sometimes sunny maps of France. Each of us has the same needs, the same thirst for a well -done job., assured the meteorology engineer. Suffering from dementia with Lewy’s bodies, Catherine Laborde has since said goodbye to the chain, however his acolyte in the first hour could not forget him. Visit to the program 30 years of cult performances, this Saturday, June 25, Évelyne Dhéliat paid tribute to him. Returning to his last report of the season, he confessed with emotion: Very touching. Because I was in charge, and then we were all so moved to see Catherine express herself like this on television ”.

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Evelyne Dhéliat diay “fell from the clouds” discovered the illness of his friend Catherine Laborde

That night, he launched millions of Frenchmen:You will forget me, I don’t, I love you. ”“ That’s not true. We have not forgotten him, assured by Évelyne Dhéliat. He remains in our hearts, and we love him.“, he added, turning to his health weaknessespushing him to say goodbye. If they are close, the head of service during TF1 “fell from the clouds” discovered that his former co -worker had Parkinson’s disease. And he didn’t tell me … even Thomas, her husband, didn’t tell me anything ”, he said Tele-Leisure in 2018. One who continues to fight global warming said he has never seen his sidekick faint or complain about his illness being diagnosed a few years ago. “I talked to him last week on the phone and he was fine.

“Sometimes he would lie down on the office sofa for a while. Everything will be difficult! But that’s it, no other signs. (…) Catherine said that sometimes she has to make a lot of takes when recording time. But at noon, the bulletins were broadcast live and no problem“, he added. Impressed with her fight and her strength, she returned to the interview given by Catherine Laborde seven to eight : “I found Catherine that I knew, with this beauty, this use of language and her outlook on everyday life”. Before being sure : “I am always there for him. Life is not a long calm river, but friendship is always there. My relationship with Catherine is more than work. ” Always close to Catherine Laborde, the former TF1 speaker gave some news to her friend. On the set of It’s up to you, in October 2021, he confessed about Françoise Laborde’s sister: He got on the phone last week and he’s fine.“.


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