DOFUS: Tree Growth and Tempotons in Temporis 7

To increase your progress on Temporis servers, the Dofus team sets objectives and reward levels to follow your adventure. In the form of achievements and a big frieze, you can see where your Osatopia character is.

Breaking the Tempotons through the success of Temporis 7

Once again, doing searches never gets paid. In fact, there is no longer any success that compels you to do so. The main thing is to create as many dungeons as possible, capture newcomers and find Notices and Archmonsters. Have fun without the hassle to get the most Tempotons. Also note that the total accumulation of rewards far exceeds the 3500 tokens required. As such, you are not obligated to do all the Dofus content. Go where you want, with friends if possible.

CATEGORIES Total in Tempotons Earnings per success
Success points 1005 Up to 800 Success Pts: 1 then 2 then 3 etc.
Until 1250: 10
Up to 6750: 25
More: 30
Dungeons First wave: 969
Second wave: 507
Third wave: 237
First wave: 3 to 12
Second wave: 2 to 6
Third wave: 1 to 3
Levels 751 From 1 to 100 from level 1 to 210
10 then to 10 levels
Animals 758 1 to 9 depending on the level
1144 4 of each Changed Unevolved
2 for evolutions
Different meta-achievement for 60 to 200 Tempotons
archmonsters 595 5 to 15
Wanted poster 564 2 to 10
Challenges 402 1 to 40
Tempotons by success categories

To follow a “classic” development inside Dofus, the editorial staff offers you an optimized development guide. However, be careful not to burden yourself with searches. Only do this if the reward is worth the fight!

All Temporis VII Achievements

The Temporis VI progression tree was completed with a total of 3500 tempos obtained. From the experience of previous editions, you no longer need to reach the level of 200. However, you need to have a good farming rhythm.

As always, the frieze and its interface will help you assemble a familiar Overpowered, scrolling characteristics, bed and even this time Updated!

Let’s tempt reward
5 Osatopia diploma
10 Wormhole Potion
15 Speed ​​Scrolling
20 Cochombre
25 Familiar (Garudania Reincarnated)
30 Super Candy Frez’Tin
40 Speed ​​Scrolling
50 3x Purse of 20,000 Kamas
60 Casting of Garudania (ceremonial cape)
80 Super Candy Frez’Tin
100 Speed ​​Scrolling
120 Nwarzo
150 Familiar (Garudania Incubated)
180 Shigekax Mirabelle plum
210 Speed ​​Scrolling
240 Super Candy Frez’Tin
270 The eruption of Garudania (clothing)
300 Shigekax Mirabelle plum
330 Speed ​​Scrolling
360 Super Candy Frez’Tin
390 Familiar (Garudania Napusa)
420 5x Purse of 20,000 Kamas
450 Speed ​​Scrolling
480 Super Candy Frez’Tin
510 Garudania Slag (cloth)
540 Champiste
570 Speed ​​Scrolling
610 2x Shigekax Mirabelle
650 Familiar (Crackling Garudania)
690 Super Candy Frez’Tin
730 Speed ​​Scrolling
770 25x Purse of 20,000 Kamas
810 Team Croquette (attitude)
860 Super Candy Frez’Tin
910 Speed ​​Scrolling
960 Vrombillet license
1010 Montilier (Shining Garudania)
1060 Super Candy Frez’Tin
1110 Speed ​​Scrolling
1160 Ephebec
1210 Garudania Falls (clothing)
1260 Super Candy Frez’Tin
1310 Speed ​​Scrolling
1360 50x Purse of 20,000 Kamas
1410 Montilier (Garudania Incandescent)
1460 Infinite Dimension Potion Box
1510 Speed ​​Scrolling
1560 Super Candy Frez’Tin
1610 Acquisition (attitude)
1660 Bag of Ultimate Kibbles
1710 Speed ​​Scrolling
1760 Super Candy Frez’Tin
1810 Montilier (Garudania Ardent)
1860 Mutapin
1910 Speed ​​Scrolling
1960 100x Purse of 20,000 Kamas
2010 Megatampering (tinamdan)
2070 Super Candy Frez’Tin
2140 Speed ​​Scrolling
2220 2x Shigekax Mirabelle
2310 Montilier (Flamboyant Garudania)
2410 Bag of Ultimate Kibbles
2520 Speed ​​Scrolling
2640 3x Shigekax Mirabelle
2770 Montilier (Immortal Garudania)
2910 Confirmed Bestiologist Certificate
3060 Speed ​​Scrolling
3250 250x Purse of 20,000 Kamas
3500 Collector’s Diploma
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