customer relations Slack raised $ 65 million

The multi-channel messaging platform brings in its value to $ 1.7 billion. Built by two French people, it is based in San Francisco.

[Mise à jour le mercredi 29 juin 2022 à 16h52] Multi-channel messaging inspired by Slack, Front completes a round of 65 millions of dollars. An operation that valued the San Francisco company at 1.7 billions of dollars. It brings to 144 million dollars in total funds raised by the company since its inception in 2013. Based in San Francisco, Front, founded by two Frenchmen, seeks to take advantage of its new contribution to move from TPE orientation to positioning focused on medium and large companies. From a collaboration tool focused on marketing teams, Front seeks to position itself equally as a more global platform for customer communication (according to Les Echos). The funds raised will be spent on repositioning itself, but also on strengthening the publisher’s staff in two European offices, in Paris and Dublin.

Front, what is it?

Founded in Paris in 2013, Front was originally intended for customer support teams and sales teams using a variety of mailboxes and messaging applications on a sustainable basis. Front offers a service that focuses on managing e-mails, but also messages received on social networks. It also combines internal messaging, an agenda, as well as a website chat.

Available in SaaS and in the form of Android, iOS, macOS and Windows applications, the solution makes it possible to federate multiple messaging channels (email, Messenger, SMS, Twitter, etc.) and to manage them as one teams to optimize treatment. The front was launched by two Frenchmen: Mathilde Collin (CEO) and Laurent Perrin (technical director). Acquiring 8,000 customers, the company showcases Airbnb,, Bubble, Hootsuite, Lydia, Lyft and Shopify among its references.

What are the features of the Front?

The front is equipped with collaborative messaging that allows better communication between members of the same team. It allows you to synchronize different email addresses in the same interface, and easily schedule and assign messages. CRM applications can also be integrated with Front. The tool also provides a unified agenda based on automatic appointment scheduling technology.

What are the Front use cases?

The Front tool is especially suitable for users who want to combine their different mailboxes into one application. This will save time and facilitate communication for sales teams. Messages and data from the CRM can be accessed with a few clicks, and can be shared between members of the same team.

What is the price of the Front?

Unlike Slack, Front is not based on a freemium model. To use Front, you have to pay. The app does not offer a free version. Its entry-level edition (Front Starter) is priced at $ 19 per month per user. It integrates multi-channel messaging (Office 365, Outlook, Gmail, Twitter, SMS …), chat and calendar features.

For $ 49 per month and per user, Front Growth also allows integration with Salesforce or Hubspot CRM, and provides access to a workflow engine and an analytics console. As for the Front Scale edition, priced at 99 dollars per month and per user, it comes with a personal support and support service.

What are the alternatives to Front?

Front has several alternatives in the market that offer very similar tools such as internal messaging or email and CRM management. These include Slack, Crisp and ClientFlow.

Currently, Front only has an English version. The interface is so intuitive, French-speaking users will be able to use it without problems if they master some basic terms dedicated to sending and managing messages.

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