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A true symbol of the importance of French education, the École Polytechnique offers through the entity dedicated to professional training, the École Polytechnique Executive Education, a new training course dedicated to the blockchain. Intended for any professional who wants to discover, deepen or validate their knowledge of blockchain, the Blockchain Starter Program allows them to earn certification at the end of training.

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  1. Obtain blockchain certification at the École Polytechnique Executive Education
  2. The Blockchain Starter Program
  3. How to spend this training?
  4. Our opinion on the Blockchain Starter Program of the École Polytechnique Executive Education

Blockchain training with École Polytechnique Executive Education

Consistency, security, adaptability… There are so many reasons that make growing success in blockchain technology and that continues to increase the number of cases of its use, to the point of gaining the attention of the world’s largest companies and even of international banks or intercontinental payment systems.

Today, blockchain technology at the center of all attention and its future depends only on wider adoption. This is why thePolytechnic Executive Education decided to make the first proving training entirely dedicated to this universe.

Focused on information technology professionals, finance or innovation professions preferredstart with the blockchain ecosystemthis unique formation called “ Blockchain Starter Program allows you to develop your expertise in the blockchain ecosystem and its major technological, economic and legal issues.

Requiring only an interest and a predisposition for technical activities, the Blockchain Starter Program contains all the information necessary for the student to be able, in the long term, to creating a new project after building a strong background of knowledge of the blockchain and in many cases its use.

This training will take place over 20 hours, all over France and away. Thus, the student can benefit from his entire training fromaround eLearnX learninga platform that lists various training modules and also allows you to develop collaborative work with your peers.

The Blockchain Starter Program

The purpose of this training is clear: to discover the blockchain environment in general in order to be able tobe certified as a reliable interlocutor of this technology.

The quality of training is ensured by Daniel AugotProfessor at École Polytechnique and co-head of the “Blockchain and B2B Platform” Chair and INRIA Research Director and Julien PratProfessor at École Polytechnique is also co-responsible for the “Blockchain and Platform B2B” Chair, and Research Director of CNRS.

To support the student in the best possible way, many blockchain technology specialist speakers put blockchain challenges into perspective.

This program exploring the blockchain from all anglesfrom its genesis to its contemporary issues, including criteria such as proof of employment (PoW), proof of stake (PoS), Bitcoin (BTC), Web 3.0, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or even decentralized finance (DeFi).

The student will receive training 100% online with synchronous and asynchronous modules. Each theme is built around a SPOC (Small Private Open Courses) along with quizzes and asynchronous exercises. Each training participant can progress at their own pace.but the theme must be completed before the simultaneous virtual class is organized by the speaker: an important opportunity to anchor ideas that are discovered and work on asynchronously.

In addition, so that the participant can completing a blockchain projectcourses are also given about different concrete use cases to better understand what size and how this technology can act as a lever for change and innovation.

At the end of his / her training, each student must prove his or her knowledge during a defense of a case study before a jury. He will benefit, after the success of his examination, from a certification from the École Polytechnique Executive Education, registered with the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP).

In fact, the latter makes it possible to validate the block of skills n ° 3 “Specialist communication for the transfer of skills” in Computer science master RNCP34126.

  • Training time : from November 7, 2022 to January 13, 2023;
  • duration of training : 20 hours of distance learning (simultaneous and asynchronous courses);
  • Training costs : € 3,750 excluding tax, ie € 4,500 including tax.

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How to spend this training?

The cost of the Blockchain Starter Program is € 4,500 including tax, however there are many financial solutions, especially according to the professional status of the student. Note that some of them sometimes cumulative.

For each of the professional situations, it is possible to pay for part or all of a training thanks to personal training account (CFP). For this, here is the page on CPF website dedicated to the Blockchain Starter Program.

👉 Find different funding opportunities on the site ofPolytechnic Executive Education.

Blockchain Starter Program

Our opinion on the Blockchain Starter Program of the École Polytechnique Executive Education

Combining reverse pedagogy, collective learning and learning by doing by concrete application exercisethe Blockchain Starter Program certified training promises to provide the student with all the skills they need develop your career in the field of blockchain.

The participant will explore important blockchain concepts and deepen his or her knowledge by exploring the use cases of the latter, especially in a context of increasing technological evolution to drawing. the best for his professional development.

École Polytechnique Executive Education is here as a pioneer in blockchain training in France and ensures the offering, as evidenced by its reputation, high quality vocational training.

The École Polytechnique Executive Education organizes a training presentation webinar the Friday July 1, 2022 at 1 p.m. with free access. Don’t hesitate to sign up to obtain more information; the training managers are there to answer all your questions.

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