Between betrayal and declarations of love: how will Lukaku be received by Inter fans?

A powerful love story is often made up of excitement, excitement, drunkenness, even turmoil. But also misunderstandings, tension and sadness. To finally realize that love always wins. Romelu Lukaku and Inter Milan fans are at the start of the final round.

Arriving as a little prince in the making during the summer of 2019, the Red Devil quickly won the hearts of the Nerazzuri. Through his goals, his sense of the collective, his participation in the locker room, his aggression, his rapid adaptation to Italy, his closeness to the city of Milan and above all his love of the coat of arms. He became Milanese King at the end of the 2020-2021 season by offering Inter their first Scudetto in eleven years.

However, a few weeks later, he left as a fallen King. The club could not financially refuse such a deal (115 million euros) and the player dreams of returning to Chelsea to live out his first unfinished romance. The fan’s anger was immediate. The fresco painted in honor of number 9 next to the San Siro was vandalized a few days before the formalization of his move to London.

“Now he’s just a player like so many others”

The wound healed slightly over time. And Lukaku probably thought he was definitely forgiven when he spoke at the end of December on Sky Sports. “I want to apologize to the Inter fans because I think things should be different”he said in this controversial interview that has in fact already marked the beginning of Chelsea’s end. “I’ve always said that I take Inter in my heart, I’ll be back there, I really hope so. I love Italy.”

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The hard core of Milan’s supporters, however, did not accept his apology. “Countless will flee in the rain, those who survive the storm are important. Ciao Romelu”for example, wrote behind Curva Nord members on a flag hoisted next to the stadium.

And even if the King returns now, he will come without his crown and without his throne. “We noticed Lukaku’s betrayal and we were very disappointed. He had to win whatever, if it happened, would be done for him in the future with humility and sweat on the pitch. He was supported as a king, now he alone. A. player like many others. (…) Over time, even such things can be forgiven by a player, but the facts will not change. Now, Romelu, let’s kick and run. “

“If he breaks another 25 or 30 goals, everyone’s opinion will quickly change”

The message to the fans is clear. “But we don’t know exactly everything that happened inside”angry Emmanuel Di Santo, an active member of Inter Club Charleroi, the Belgian Nerazzuri fan club. “There is a need to sell him because the club needs the money. In Italy, many clubs are so indebted that this transfer is suitable for everyone.

Between betrayal and declarations of love: how will Lukaku be received by Inter fans?
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Especially since it cost “only” 8 million euros and the player agreed to a small salary reduction. “As Belgian and Inter fans, we are obviously happy with Lukaku’s return. We missed him last season. With him, we probably won the Scudetto. But I also understand the hard core reaction of the fans.. He is adored. but he will be considered a normal player from now on. “

However, there is no question of lamenting or criticizing him when he makes his official debut next August. “I don’t think there’s any controversy. We have to encourage him. And if he scores another 25 or 30 goals in the season, everyone’s opinion will quickly change. And we also hope that” The club will see solution to keep him back next season by buying him from Chelsea. I relied on the club’s technical director for that.

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